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Biologique Recherche Introduces La Grande Creme! Merging Epigenetics & Skincare.

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Biologique Recherche introduces La Grande Creme. The highly anticipated new super rich face cream that has all the industry professionals and skincare enthusiasts abuzz. The early buzz from industry insiders and beauty editors is that this new face cream is a game changer.

Biologique Recherche La Grand Creme improves cellular regeneration, protects the skin's cells to preserve their longevity for a regenerating effect, improves the overall water balance of the epidermis, restructures and regenerates the dermis for a corrective anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effect, intensifies cellular cohesion, gives a total restructuring and firming effect, reinforces the skin's barrier function against harsh external factors, and boosts dermal-epidermal interactions, which often decline with age.

A total innovation in the world of professional cosmetics, La Grande Crème targets all age-related phenomena. It acts on the cutaneous aging process to promote genuine cellular regrowth.

Biologique Recherche tested more than 80 different versions of the new La Grande Creme over 3 years before the final formulation was approved. This anti-aging skin care product uses a truly unique formula based on the science of Epigenetics. Epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene function that do not involve changes in the DNA sequence, that is genetics that are "on top of" or "in addition to" the traditional inheritable genes.The formula is based on the study that gene activity and expression can change with external environmental factors and aging. How the skin interacts with external factors affects the expression of these genes and can reflect new characteristics of the skin.  

The new Biologique Recherche La Grande Creme contains the most highly active and concentrated ingredients available that work to improve the skin’s condition on six different levels.

La Grande Creme will be available to ship January 10, 2018. Biologique Recherche is launching this amazing new face cream in limited quantities. Paul Labrecque is accepting pre-orders starting
November 19th at



Paul Labrecque is New York's original Biologique Recherche Skincare Spa with more than 20 years of trusted skincare product knowledge and experience. Call for your free, one-on-one skincare consultation with our professionally trained and certified Biologique Recherche Skincare Specialists. Email to book your free consultation. Shop for all your Biologique Recherche Skincare products and Lotion P50 1970  at Always Free Shipping, No Minimum Purchase and Free Deluxe Samples with every order.

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Paul Labrecque Featured on The Today Show: Discover Great Hair Style Tips for Your Face Shape

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Finding the right hairstyle often begins with determining your face shape, resulting in a more flattering style that you are sure to love. The Today Show recently asked Paul Labrecque to share his favorite styles for four common face shapes and provide four models with a makeover. Paul is recognized as a top celebrity stylist and was happy to give his expert opinions on what styles would work best for certain face shapes. 

He checked in from The Rittenhouse Spa and Club in Philadelphia to help make these beautiful women look their best. You can check out the stunning makeover results on the Today Show website. 

Let Our Team Help You Find the Perfect Style

The four models look incredible after their time with Paul, and we're sure they are pleased with the results. If you want to find a hairstyle that matches your face shape, our team is here to help. Choose the Paul Lebrecque salon and spa that's near you; along with our Rittenhouse location in Philadelphia, we also have locations in Midtown, the Upper Eastside, and Chelsea. Make an appointment with our stylists and let them help you discover the style that's suited to your face-shape and your lifestyle. Get in touch with us today to make your appointment. Give us a call or contact us through our website.

Want a hairstyle that flatters your face shape? You can start by looking in the mirror!

How to Determine Your Face Shape

If you, like the models in the Today Show story, want to find the most flattering hairstyle, you'll need to start by determining your face shape. Take time to study your face in the mirror; it may be helpful to outline your face shape in the mirror using a dry erase marker (it will easily wipe off the surface of the mirror when you are done). Then step back and determine which of the four main shape categories you face falls into.

Which of these four common face shapes do you fall into? 


Your face is longer than it is wider. 

The right hairstyle?

Go for bangs! Your face shape is ideally suited for a style that has longer bangs, especially if they are slightly longer on the sides. 


Your forehead is the widest part of your face and you have an angled chin. 

The right hairstyle?

Try long bangs with a deep part. Shorters styles are going to be the most flattering, as they will balance out the narrower part of your jawline. 


Your face is roughly equal in both length and width. 

The right hairstyle?

Go for a long bob. These versatile cuts help to lengthen your face and neck and can actually make you look thinner. 


Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face. 

The right hairstyle?

Choose chin-length or shoulder-length styles. This will balance out the shape of your face and frame your best features. 

None of the above?

Have a face shape that doesn't neatly fall into one of these four categories? It's best to consult an experience Paul Lebrecque stylist. They'll help you determine which styles are best suited to your particular face shape!

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Paul Labrecque Will Be Offering These New Treatments Fall 2017

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Paul Labrecque is expanding its partnership with Biologique Recherche. Together with Wellness for Cancer, Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa will be offering specially adapted Biologique Recherche treatments for people with cancer and survivors.

Insider’s Guide to Spas recently shared the good news of the collaboration between Biologique Recherche and Wellness for Cancer as they strive to do good for those who have suffered most. By focusing on how Biologique Recherche’s products can be used in face and body treatments for cancer patients and survivors, Wellness for Cancer is offering trainings to spas in the United States and in France. Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa is beyond excited to be one of the first spas in the States to go through training and begin offering these treatments this fall.

Biologique Recherche is the type of company who cares about its customers. They see past the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood-type beauty and reach deeper into its client base to offer specialized products and treatments to highlight the beauty in everyone.

Biologique Recherche states that 10 percent of its current client base is touched by cancer. Knowing this, the brand and Wellness for Cancer have explored the impeccable treatments available for those battling cancer.

This new training is not about creating one treatment or one product for cancer patients and survivors to use; it’s about learning how to adapt each Biologique Recherche product into a specialized treatment that accounts for the type of cancer, its treatment, and surgery.

“People who suffer need us to take care of them more than anyone else,” says Biologique Recherche chairman Rupert Schmid in the article. “Now it will be possible, after the trainings delivered by Wellness for Cancer, all over the world!”

To take this act of goodness one step further in the right direction, Biologique Recherche has found NGO partners in every country that will deliver the revolutionary treatments to those who cannot afford them at absolutely no cost to the people. This is actively happening here in New York City!

The goal of the collaboration is to train spa specialists how to specifically tailor each treatment to every person who walks through their doors. First, it is important to know that Biologique Recherche already has extraordinarily high standards for spa treatments using their products, and now it will be pushed to the next level to make sure people with all skin types and conditions are able to be personally treated.

For all of us here at Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa, we are excited to begin our training with Wellness for Cancer and learn how we can help make our patients lives better one Biologique Recherche treatment at a time.

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Paul Labrecque In The News: Curly Hair Tips

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Curly haired beauties know the struggles of managing a mane that luscious. What they may forget, though, as they spend dozens of minutes every day styling their curly locks is that many straight-haired sisters are extremely jealous of the volume, bounce, and natural look that comes with curly hair. So next time you swear to yourself that you are going to do something drastic to put an end to the curly madness, consider some of these Curly Hair Tips from Here at Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa, we like to focus on one of our favorite tips: condition often. Before we dive extensively into that care tip, we’ll check out some other great mentions for our curly haired women.

Top Care Tips For Curly Hair

Use a silk pillowcase

The soft material of a silk pillowcase is much more forgiving for your hair than a traditional cotton one. Plus, it feels great on your skin.

Brush your hair carefully

When a curl is overstretched, it can break and frizz. Think about brushing or combing softly and while there is wet conditioner in your hair.

Use scrunchies

Sayonara, elastic hair bands. Long hair can be pulled by the elastic, so switch to a cloth-covered scrunchie to ease the tension and keep your hair out of your face and off your neck.

Celebrate your curls

Lucky for you, textured hair is the hot trend right now. Keep your eyes on your natural prize and love your curly locks for what they are. Think about all the money you can save because you don’t have to pay for a perm!

Condition often

“Keep in mind that curly hair requires more conditioning and shampooing,” says Paul Labrecque in the article, “when you’re in the shower, wet your hair daily to help with restyling and conditioning.”

Paul Labrecque is passionate about curly hair, which is why he has created an entire top-quality product line for curly hair. To stick with the conditioning tip, we recommend adding Paul Labrecque Curly Condition Milky Cream Conditioner to your hair care routine. Start with a small, 8 oz. bottle, or go big with the 32 oz product.

The Milky Cream Conditioner is a curl defining conditioner. It helps to hydrate and nourish the dry, thirsty curls. This formula includes macadamia nut oil and silk proteins and botanical extracts that protect the integrity of each strand of hair.

Top benefits of Milky Cream Conditioner:

  • Moisturizing
  • Improved elasticity
  • Increased shine
  • Healthy
  • Frizz-free
  • Bounce

Since Paul Labrecque’s Curly Condition Milky Cream Conditioner is sulfate free and paraben free, women can confidently use conditioner every day without harmful side effects. Plus, this product is proudly made in the USA and is not tested on animals. Let’s be honest; there are few animals with the right type of curly hair we need to make sure this product works - oh, and it’s totally inhumane to test products on animals. We would never do that!

Give your curls the love they deserve with these helpful tips from Paul Labrecque and

Buy Milky Cream Conditioner at Paul Labrecque, starting at $34.

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Gift Cards Make Spa Days Easy - Facials, Massage, Hair & Nails

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Share the rest and relaxation you know and love about Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa with your business partners, friends, and loved ones by sending them a gift card. Who doesn’t like to pamper themselves? And if they can do it on your charity, then I’m sure it’ll make it that much better of a day. Based in three New York City locations, Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa values high quality rejuvenating spa services. Pamper that special someone and treat them to a relaxing day at the salon & spa. Order your gift card online, and it will be delivered via email the same day. Gift cards are available for any dollar amount and can be shipped anywhere in the US.

Pampering Services at Paul Labrecque

Here’s just a glimpse at a few of the services your gift card recipient can enjoy at our salon & spa.

Professional Hair & Color Services

“Top 3 Stylists in the United States, Paul Labrecque” is one way Vanity Fair Magazine describes the professional hair team at the salon.
  • Haircut - from $90
  • Blowout Hair - from $65
  • Style - from $85
  • Up-sweep - from $100
  • Style Lesson - from $150/60 minutes
  • INOA L’Oreal Single Process Coloring - $25/application
  • Single Process - from $100
  • Double Process - from $150
  • Balayage - from $250
  • Color Varnish - from $60
  • Color Fresh - from $120
  • Highlights and Lowlights - from $210/full head
  • Ombre - from $250
  • Extensions Strand by Strand - price upon consultation
  • Quick In/Out Extensions - price upon consultation
  • Weaves - price upon consultation
  • Tracking/Bonding - from $100
  • Custom Hair Pieces/Wigs - price upon consultation

Learn more about Hair/Cut/Style.

Learn more about Color.

Learn more about Extensions.

Therapeutic Massage

“Massage Masters!” proclaims Allure Magazine, “Four star stress melting, tension busting massages from NY to Los Angeles at Paul Labrecque.”

Starting Massage Pricing

  • 30 minutes - $80
  • 60 minutes - $130
  • 90 minutes - $170
  • Series of 6 massages, save 6 percent
  • Series of 12 massages, save 12 percent
These costs are good for the following massages:
  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Medical Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Pre-Natal

Advanced Massages and Pricing

  • Magsoothium Mineral Massage - $145/60 minutes; $180/90 minutes
  • Thai Massage - $145/60 minutes; $180/90 minutes
  • Chakra Rebalancing Treatment - $285/90 minutes
  • Phyto-Essence Aromatherapy Massage - $140/60 minutes; $180/90 minutes
Learn more about Therapeutic Massage.

Luxurious Body Treatments

Refinery 29 says the Ginger Coconut Body Melt at Paul Labrecque is the “best natural spa treatment.”
  • Ginger Coconut Body Melt - $185/60 minutes
  • Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap - $135/60 minutes
  • Mineral Salt Body Polish - $135/60 minutes
  • Healthy Glow Safe Tan - $140/60 minutes
  • Miracle Mud Body Wrap - $135/60 minutes
  • Deep Cleansing Back Therapy - $145/60 minutes
  • Air Bronze Sunless Tan - $95/30 minutes
  • Air Bronze with Exfoliation - $140/60 minutes
  • Endermologie® - $140/60 minutes
Learn more about Luxurious Body Treatments.


Let the specialists do the hard work to make cosmetic makeup look flawless.
  • Makeup Touch Up - $35/15 minutes
  • Feature Application - $75/30 minutes
  • Full Application - $95/45 minutes
  • Brow Shaping/Tweeze - $56/30 minutes
  • False Eyelash Application - $55/30 minutes or $25 with a full makeup application
  • Eyelash Extensions - from $250; maintenance/touch ups from $90
  • Airbrush Makeup Application - $125/60 minutes
  • The Lesson - $125/60 minutes
  • Makeup Consultation - Free 15 minutes with $100 makeup purchase
Learn more about Makeup.

Deluxe Nail Services

Allure Magazine dictates, “Top Ten Manicures and Pedicures from NYC to Los Angeles - Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa.”
  • Classic Manicure - $35/45 minutes
  • Deluxe Manicure - $50/60 minutes
  • Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Manicure - $55/45 minutes
  • French Manicure - $40/45 minutes
  • Classic Pedicure - $65/60 minutes
  • Deluxe Pedicure - $85/75 minutes
  • Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pedicure - $85/60 minutes
  • Glycolic Pedicure - with pedicure, $20
  • French Pedicure - $75/70 minutes
  • Gelee Leg Beauty Masque
  • Polish Change - Fingers $18; Toes $22
  • French Polish Change - Fingers $22; Toes $24
  • Nail Whitener - $12/15 minutes
  • Menthol Clay Foot Mask - $20/15 minutes
  • Almond Oil Hand & Elbow Repair - $25/15 minutes
Learn more about Deluxe Nail Services.

Aromatherapy Scalp Treatments

“Best NYC Places for Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments, Paul Labrecque Salon, Mineral Mud Moisture Booster,” acclaims Lucky Magazine.
  • Hair Repair Power Serums - $35/15 minutes; $5/additional booster
  • Regenesis Biopeptin Volumizing Hair & Scalp Treatment - $55/30 minutes
  • Mineral Mud Moisture Boost - $35/15 minutes; $55/30 minutes with heat
  • Lemongrass Deep Hair Conditioner - $55/45 minutes with heat
  • Mint Menthol Scalp Revitalizer - $35/15 minutes; $55/30 minutes with heat
Learn more about Aromatherapy Scalp Treatments.

Straight Edge Razor Shave

New York Magazine says the Gentlemen’s Salon and Barber Shop at Paul Labrecque gives the “Best Straight Edge Razor Shave.”
  • Head Shave - $55
  • Sports Shave - $55
  • Premier Shave - $75
  • Indulgent Shave - $95
Learn more about Straight Edge Razor Shave.

Gentlemen’s Grooming Services

Departures Magazine raves about the barber shop saying, “Cut, shave, luxe pampering at Paul Labrecque CORE: club, stylish, intimate and elegant. One client at a time.”
  • Cut - from $75
  • Clipper Cut - $55
  • Facial Trim - from $30
  • Color Partial - from $45
  • Color Single Process - $85
  • Highlights/Lowlights - from $80
  • Hair Repair Serums - $35
  • Revita-Hair Thickener - $55
  • Menthol Scalp Reviatlizer - $55
  • Lemongrass Deep Conditioner - $55
  • Mineral Mud Moisture Booster - $35
  • Sports Manicure - $35
  • Sports Pedicure - $65
  • Glycolic Pedicure - $85
  • Brow Tweeze/Shaping - $45
Learn more about Gentlemen's Grooming Services.

Healing Treatments

A healthy body is essential for balance, energy, and optimal weight.
  • Individual Colonic Hydrotherapy Session - $185/45 minutes
  • One-on-One Nutrition Consult with Brigit Krome - $195
  • Endermologie Cellulite Firming Treatment - $110/one session; $99/session for 10 sessions

Learn more about Colonic Hydrotherapy.

Learn more about Nutrition.

Learn more about Endermologie Cellulite Firming Treatment.

Relaxing Facials

Allure Magazine says, “Best of Beauty - Advanced Skincare Day Spa Facial,” and Gotham Magazine says, “NYC Upper Eastside’s Premier Facial - Biologique Recherche Bio-Sculpt Lift & Firm Facial at Paul Labrecque.”
  • Bio Sculpt Lift & Firm Facial - $220/60 minutes; $300/90 minutes
  • Biologique Recherche Classic European Facial - $135/60 minutes
  • Biologique Recherche Deep Cleansing Hydrating Facial - $170/60 minutes
  • PLS Medical Facial - $190/60 minutes
  • Biologique Recherche Triple Lift Facial - NEW - $390/90 minutes
  • Biologique Recherche Oxygen Facial - $170/60 minutes
  • Biologique Recherche Anti-Age Management Facial - $170/60 minutes
  • Biologique Recherche Sensitive Skin Facial - $170/60 minutes
  • Biologique Recherche Purifying Anti-Acne Facial - $190/60 minutes
  • Gentlemen's Deep Cleanse Facial - $135/60 minutes
  • Biologique Recherche Second Skin 3D Facial - NEW - $325/60 minutes
Learn more about Relaxing Facials.

Custom Spa Packages

Create a custom package to take pampering to the next level. This can be a half or full day experience.
  • Luxury Spa Day - $565/5-6 hours
  • Full Spa Day - $475/4-5 hours
  • Taste of Paul Labrecque - $310/3-4 hours
  • Bride To Be Spa Day - $580/5-6 hours
  • Groom To Be Spa Day - $310/3-4 hours
  • Mom To Be Spa Day - $390/4-5 hours
  • Work Day Wonder - $190/3 hours

Learn more about Custom Spa Packages.

Paul Labrecque gift cards are good at any of our New York City locations. Order in the salon, online at, or by phone 1.888.PL.SALON

East 171 E 65th Street

Midtown 65 E 55th Street

Downtown Pier 60 Chelsea Sports Center

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Paul In The Press: Helping People Avoid These Big Beauty Mistakes

Posted on October 05, 2016 by Clare Lee | 0 comments

Thanks again to Good Housekeeping for sharing the advice of Paul Labrecque and staff with their readers in 15 Big Beauty Mistakes -- And How to Fix Them. The more good news we can share about living beautifully, the better the world is. And anytime we can help someone STOP doing a terrible “beauty” habit, the world gets even better.

Beauty mistakes sometimes seem unavoidable. That sudden chipped nail after a night on the town (usually after months of meticulous care) can be a spoiler before a meeting the next morning. A looming burn smell after trying six times to get that one pesky curl to straighten can be just as bad. The list can go on and on, but what good does that do us? We’re ready for some solutions!

Check out the entire article on Good Housekeeping to learn the 15 biggest mistakes (link above), and keep reading to learn Paul Labrecque’s expert tips and solutions for a few of the hair mistakes.

Paul Labrecque’s Advice To Avoid These Beauty Blunders

Problem: Using hot tools too much

Solution: Keep the heat setting on medium, never hold the hot tool in the same place for more than two seconds, and use a heat protectant product.

Problem: Brushing your hair too hard

Solution: Find the brush that is right for your hair. Boar bristle brushes are recommended because they are made from hair, making them more porous and better for the natural scalp oils and nutrients.

Problem: Green hair after a swim

Solution: Do not use bleach before or after swimming.

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1197 reviews
Amazing product

Everything by br is a game changer. Since I've been using br products my skin looks like glass. My dermatologist asked what I've been using on my face since I don't buy what she sells. Every product is amazing !

Amazing results!

I could see the difference in 1 week.

Works for us!!

My daughter has very fine hair and lost a fair amount to poor work in a reputable salon last year . It’s been a year and she’s worked hard to grow her hair in. We have tried all the top detanglers and while some of them have been excellent this is the only one that gives her thin fine hair some oooph!!!
I’ve been using it too and love the texture when I blow dry .

Beautiful product!

Really helps to keep my skin clear and pores clean. Even my esthetician noticed a difference at my last facial. Highly recommend!

Just Okay

I purchased the shampoo, conditioner and pom-made and have been using all three for about 2 months now.
The conditioner is my only let down. I live in the high desert with fine hair and my hair still feels dry after using this conditioner. In the winter my hair needs all the extra nourishment it can get, and my hair is still dry and very static prone using this product. Although it doesn't feel weighted down, it also doesn't feel as moisturized and nourished as one would expect for this brand and price point. I believe this would be best for the summertime and a mask would be better in the winter.