Paul In The Press: Helping People Avoid These Big Beauty Mistakes

Thanks again to Good Housekeeping for sharing the advice of Paul Labrecque and staff with their readers in 15 Big Beauty Mistakes -- And How to Fix Them. The more good news we can share about living beautifully, the better the world is. And anytime we can help someone STOP doing a terrible “beauty” habit, the world gets even better.

Beauty mistakes sometimes seem unavoidable. That sudden chipped nail after a night on the town (usually after months of meticulous care) can be a spoiler before a meeting the next morning. A looming burn smell after trying six times to get that one pesky curl to straighten can be just as bad. The list can go on and on, but what good does that do us? We’re ready for some solutions!

Check out the entire article on Good Housekeeping to learn the 15 biggest mistakes (link above), and keep reading to learn Paul Labrecque’s expert tips and solutions for a few of the hair mistakes.

Paul Labrecque’s Advice To Avoid These Beauty Blunders

Problem: Using hot tools too much

Solution: Keep the heat setting on medium, never hold the hot tool in the same place for more than two seconds, and use a heat protectant product.

Problem: Brushing your hair too hard

Solution: Find the brush that is right for your hair. Boar bristle brushes are recommended because they are made from hair, making them more porous and better for the natural scalp oils and nutrients.

Problem: Green hair after a swim

Solution: Do not use bleach before or after swimming.

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