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Introducing Biologique Recherche My Beauty DNA

Discover the origins of your Skin Instant © for a Customized Skincare Experience.

Biologique Recherche, a pioneer in skin diagnosis and professional cosmetics, has developed a new tool that works in harmony with our In Spa Skincare Consultations and the Diagnostic Skin Instant© Lab and Visiolab© technology.

My Beauty DNA is used to take the Skin Instant© analysis even further. Using DNA sequencers, we can now analyze more than 600,000 genetic variations in your genome. Understanding these genetic predispositions will enable us to better understand the needs that your skin has “inherited.” We can then choose the right skincare products for your skin issues, recommend an effective at home routine and the best customized in spa facial treatments to optimally preserve your skin. By analyzing your skin's DNA and anticipating the changes that will take place over time, we can best address all of your current and future skin needs.

Similar in concept to the popular or DNA kits, My Beauty DNA brings the science of DNA to custom skincare analysis and treatment. Read below on how this exciting new program can work for you.

DNA Your Unique Genetic Heritage

Our DNA is our organism’s “identity card”: it is unique to each of us, differentiates us and makes us all unique beings. Two decades of research and thousands of scientific studies have enabled researchers to better understand the impact of these variations on our skin.

DNA is a long molecule found within each human body cell. It is made up of nucleotides (4 bases: A, T, G and C). The genetic information is arranged into genes and all genes make up what is called the genome.

DNA is found in the nuclei of your cells in the form of 23 pairs of chromosomes. The order of the bases varies between individuals. These genetic variations can have a significant impact on our organism. For example, they determine our eye color, the fat in our body, our skin characteristics and a whole range of other factors.

Personalized Skin Diagnosis

By analyzing these variations using powerful computer algorithms, we can evaluate some of your skin’s characteristics. More precisely, these analyses enable us to determine your cutaneous genetic predispositions, i.e. 600,000 variations in your genome. Since 60% of the factors influencing our skin condition are linked to our genetics and 40% determined by the environment*, My Beauty DNA targets the majority of factors to provide an accurate, personalized diagnosis adapted to each Skin Instant©. This information should always be accompanied by a visual diagnosis. This examination will provide predictive and preventative information which could not have been detected by a simple visual analysis or even measurements. The two approaches are therefore complementary and provide a full overview of your condition and your skin potential.

The My Beauty DNA Experience

You can visit Paul Labrecque Salon & Skincare Spa "My Beauty DNA" centers in New York or Palm Beach to order your kit. Our Biologique Recherche experts will be available to support you and help you take your DNA sample.

    The My Beauty DNA Analysis Report

    The My Beauty DNA Kit will analyze 14 skin characteristics that are studied and split into 4 main families. Tests results and genetic expertise will be provided for bespoke in spa facial treatments and product recommendations in each of the following categories:

    Skin and Aging: Collagen breakdown, skin glycation phenomenon
    Skin and the Environment: Sensitivity, pollution defense impairment and skin inflammation
    Skin and the Sun: Sensitivity to the sun, pigmentation and photoaging
    Skin Profile: Skin stretch marks, skin rosacea, protection from skin cellulite, hyper-seborrhea, dehydration and skin antioxidant deficiencies

    A characteristic, or phenotypic trait, describes a distinct characteristic that is visible or measurable, such as a person’s hair color or height. Other types of characteristics are not immediately visible. They correspond to probabilities/risks that specific characteristics will reveal themselves in the future, as a consequence of genetics, the external environment and aging. Based on the criteria, the report will indicate your predisposition in two ways: your positive genes and your risky genes.

    YOUR POSITIVE GENES: A “good” trait refers to aspects that positively affect our appearance, skin, wellness and health. For example, individuals with certain variations are less likely to have cellulite than other comparable individuals in terms of body weight, diet and exercise. Typical, Moderately Advantaged, Advantaged

    YOUR RISKY GENES: A “risky” trait refers to aspects that may negatively affect our appearance, skin, wellness and health. For example, some people have genetic variations that result in increased activity of the enzymes that break down collagen. Hence, these people have a higher risk of earlier collagen loss and wrinkle formation. This test will determine your level: Low risk, Slightly Elevated, Elevated

    Once you purchase the My Beauty DNA Kit you will visit to activate your account and complete your ID.

    Return your kit in the envelope provided and send it back to nearest post office. WARNING! Be sure to keep your ID card safe as you will need it to retrieve the results. Your data is processed confidentially, so we cannot issue results in any other manner.

    Approximately 6 weeks later your results will be ready to view and consult with our skincare specialists. Return to the website, complete the ID and password written on you ID card then you will be able to upload your PDF format report.

    Once you receive your report you can schedule your follow up consultation and facial treatment with one of our certified Biologique Recherche Skincare Specialists to review your results to refine and adapt your customized recommendations for treatments and products.

    To purchase your My Beauty DNA Kit visit Paul Labrecque Salon & Skincare Spa in New York or Palm Beach. Call 888-PL-SALON for more information.

    The cost for the My Beauty DNA Kit with initial Skincare Consultation is $280. Only available in spa at Paul Labrecque Locations in New York or Palm Beach