Paul Labrecque Will Be Offering These New Treatments Fall 2017

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Paul Labrecque is expanding its partnership with Biologique Recherche. Together with Wellness for Cancer, Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa will be offering specially adapted Biologique Recherche treatments for people with cancer and survivors.

Insider’s Guide to Spas recently shared the good news of the collaboration between Biologique Recherche and Wellness for Cancer as they strive to do good for those who have suffered most. By focusing on how Biologique Recherche’s products can be used in face and body treatments for cancer patients and survivors, Wellness for Cancer is offering trainings to spas in the United States and in France. Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa is beyond excited to be one of the first spas in the States to go through training and begin offering these treatments this fall.

Biologique Recherche is the type of company who cares about its customers. They see past the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood-type beauty and reach deeper into its client base to offer specialized products and treatments to highlight the beauty in everyone.

Biologique Recherche states that 10 percent of its current client base is touched by cancer. Knowing this, the brand and Wellness for Cancer have explored the impeccable treatments available for those battling cancer.

This new training is not about creating one treatment or one product for cancer patients and survivors to use; it’s about learning how to adapt each Biologique Recherche product into a specialized treatment that accounts for the type of cancer, its treatment, and surgery.

“People who suffer need us to take care of them more than anyone else,” says Biologique Recherche chairman Rupert Schmid in the article. “Now it will be possible, after the trainings delivered by Wellness for Cancer, all over the world!”

To take this act of goodness one step further in the right direction, Biologique Recherche has found NGO partners in every country that will deliver the revolutionary treatments to those who cannot afford them at absolutely no cost to the people. This is actively happening here in New York City!

The goal of the collaboration is to train spa specialists how to specifically tailor each treatment to every person who walks through their doors. First, it is important to know that Biologique Recherche already has extraordinarily high standards for spa treatments using their products, and now it will be pushed to the next level to make sure people with all skin types and conditions are able to be personally treated.

For all of us here at Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa, we are excited to begin our training with Wellness for Cancer and learn how we can help make our patients lives better one Biologique Recherche treatment at a time.

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