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Want Hair Like a French Girl? The Secret is in Your Scalp

Posted on February 20, 2018 by Paul Grasso | 0 comments

Great hair is at the top of every woman's hit list, and something seemingly impossible to achieve. We invest copious amounts of time and money into what has become one's ultimate accessory — and still your hair is too thick, too thin, too oily, too dry, too dull, too bright, too light right now, really dark right now, it won't grow fast enough, it grows too fast to maintain your blunt bob, blowdrying takes too long but you desperately need it, you'd be a frizzy mess without your flat iron but it's slowly frying every precious strand... should you just cut everything off? Probably.

Amidst these list of woes, there's one integral part of your hair care that goes almost entirely ignored. If you're not battling dandruff and/or a deep shampoo fanatic, your scalp is generally forgotten. Crucial error. For anyone inspired by 2006 instant classic Aquamarine, and has done a deep dive into growing long hair, fast, they'll know the scalp is exactly where you should be focusing much of your attention. While it's all very well to do a weekly deep condition and go light on the heat (these are very good things), hair stylist and manager of Manhattan's ,Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa Frederic Moine, says it's time to shift our focus — and the salon is leading the charge with hair & scalp therapy treatments.

The chic Upper East Side location, Moine says, is perhaps the only salon in New York that offers new technology created by Parisian brand, Biologique Recherche, which focuses on revitalizing the scalp (subsequently promoting hair growth and keeping your hairstyle fresher, longer). The key to unlocking your best hair is in the stimulus and sebum (hair's protecting agent) control of the scalp. Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 Capillaire hair and scalp treatment is actually the famous beauty company's famous skin treatment adapted for hair and includes highly activating/purifying ingredients such as horseradish, lemon, sage, myrrh and burdock extracts and witch hazel. Recommended for women with oilier hair — that is, the entirety of New York women contending with the subway and erratic weather conditions on the daily — Paul Labrecque offers a luxurious 60-minute treatment and blowout, which will actually leave your hair more manageable and glossy for weeks to come.

Six different products are used throughout the process, and trust me, this is pampering at its peak. The hair is wet, while an initial lotion that balances the scalp's pH is applied to every part of the scalp; the hair is quite literally divided section by section and the Lotion P50 Capillaire is pressed into each part of the skin. Moine says it's rare that the scalp ever receives this kind of affection and it works wonders in restoring the scalp. Next is the Biologique Recherche Oxygenating Shampoo that protects fragile hair, followed by a balm that restores shine, before an anti-aging mask is applied to the hair and activated under a heat lamp for 20 minutes; this is followed by a deep conditioner, but let's not forget the generous scalp massage that also comes with the treatment. After the hair is blown out a final serum is applied. For 6-8 weeks, your hair will be infinitely easier to style and will look and actually be healthier, with each fiber more resistant to damage and improved texture and shine.

If you repeat the treatment regularly, as you would with a trim, your hair is also likely to grow exponentially faster and stronger. Sweet dreams are made of these. Of course, well the full treatment is rare and the price of an expensive haircut (the two-hour process will set you back $150), you can, in fact buy each Biologique Recherche product and perform the regime on yourself, once every few weeks, at your leisure. Of course, if even that is too much of a commitment for you, than take Frederic Moine's advice and give your scalp a little more loving — take time to really massage when you shampoo, or give yourself head massages regularly, your hair will thank you for it.

Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa is located at 171 E 65th Street, New York, NY 10065. Call 212-988-7186 or email to schedule your appointment.

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UberRush Partners with Paul Labrecque Beauty Apothecary for Same Day Delivery Service

Posted on June 03, 2016 by Paul Grasso | 0 comments

Paul Labrecque's Signature Beauty Apothecary now offers same day delivery within New York City for all your favorite hair, skin and makeup products. Paul Labrecque has partnered with UberRush to offer this white glove delivery service within NYC. 

Shop all your favorite brands and beauty products at and receive same day delivery within 3 hours. Rates start at just $5.50 per order and are based on delivery location. Simply choose UberRush at checkout and receive your order within 3 hours. 

Confirmation and real time tracking for your delivery is emailed to you when your order is placed. No more wait or wondering when your shipment will arrive. Shop and receive your favorite beauty products like Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 and receive your order within 3 hours. Instant beauty delivered to your door!

Paul Labrecque's Signature Apothecary offers the best luxury skincare, hair care, makeup, beauty and spa products from around the globe. Brands include Biologique Recherche Skincare, Paul Labrecque Premium Hair Care, La Mer, Cle de Peau Beaute skin and makeup, Kevyn Aucoin Makeup, Revitalash, MD Skincare by Dr Gross, Kerastase, L'Oreal, Hommage Men's Grooming, and Shiseido

To shop all your favorite brands and receive same day delivery visit 

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No Clips, Glue Or Weaving Extensions at Paul Labrecque

Posted on March 25, 2016 by Paul Grasso | 0 comments

Long beautiful gorgeous hair in an instant! The Paul Labrecque team of stylists can custom color and style easy to use and wear extensions for instant length and volume. 100% human high quality hair is natural looking and beautiful. These wearable extensions have no clips, no glue and no weaving so there is no damage to hair. A great alternative for easy on easy off extensions to match your mood or style.

Choose from multiple lengths and styles; 12"-22", layered looks, falls and ponytail. Call 212-988-7816 or email appointments@paullabrecque to schedule your complimentary free one-on-one style consultation with a Paul Labrecque Stylist.

Voted Best Hair Extension system by Modern Salon Magazine!
See how Halocouture Extensions work here:



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Yahoo Beauty! Revitalash Launches New Hair Care Line!

Posted on May 08, 2015 by Paul Grasso | 0 comments

So great to help launch Regenesis Hair Care. Love these products. Great in salon event hosting all our favorite beauty editors.

RevitaLash Launches Hair Care Line


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