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Biologique Recherche’s Ultimate Summer Skincare Guide

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Summer is the time for parties, long days in the sun, and travel. All of this is wonderful — but what is it doing to your skin? Here at Paul Labrecque Skincare Spa, we’re committed to offering you professional skincare products that will keep your skin beautiful, rejuvenated, and vibrant all summer long. Read below to find out the best recommendations from Paul Labrecque for summer Biologique Recherche products.

1. Gently Cleanse

Let’s face it: summer is hot and you’ll be sweating. Between the excessive sweat and dirt and the higher levels of pollution, it can be hard to keep your skin looking fresh and clear all summer long. Paul Labrecque recommends cleansing your face morning and evening with Lait VIP O2. This anti-pollution oxygenating cleanser and make-up remover will purify, oxygenate, and brighten your skin. In fact, you can expect up to 83% fewer polluting particles after your first use of this gentle make-up remover.

2. Refresh Your Skin

Keeping your skin feeling protected, refreshed, and hydrated all day long is no easy feat in the summer. L’Eauxygénante can help you get there. Full of vitamin C and the Biologique Recherche oxygenating complex, this refreshing facial mist will unify the complexion and diminish blemishes — all while restoring your natural glow! This is a Paul Labrecque must-have for every bag this summer season.

3. Restore & Calm (Post Sun Exposure)

Whether you spent the day at the beach with friends, gardening with family, or biking around the city, a long day in the sun can cause damage and make your skin more sensitive. It’s important to protect your skin from sun exposure year-round, but it’s absolutely necessary in the summer when sun damage on the face is more prevalent. Masque Biosensible and Réparation U.V. can both soothe sun damage. 

Masque Biosensible contains hyaluronic acid, cucumber extract, and sacha inchi oil in order to calm, comfort, and strengthen sun-damaged skin. This sun-damaged skin treatment provides instant relief.

Réparation U.V. soothes, nourishes and regenerates your skin — all while allowing you to keep your tan longer!

4. Keep Your Glow & Hydration

In summer, applying a thick, heavy face cream may not be the best option for healthy skincare. Indeed, you may want to find alternatives to creams that will still keep your skin hydrated. Fortunately for you, Biologique Recherche has developed several options for that specific purpose:

    • Gel: This water-based option features the lightest texture of all. Gel ADN Silkgen will hydrate and refresh skin without leaving your skin feeling heavy or sticky. This facial serum and revitalizing face gel is ideal for frequent travelers, people exposed to dry climates, and people with stressed Skin Instants©.
    • Emulsion Gel: The sensitive skincare product Emulsion Gel Biosensible will hydrate, soothe, and relieve Sensitive and Dehydrated Skin Instants©. Sensitive Skin Instants© with Seborrheic Tendency should opt instead for Emulsion Gel Biosensible S.R. This latter option controls sebum secretion, therefore restoring and mattifying the skin.
    • Emulsion: With the richest texture here, the Emulsion Originelle Regenerante focuses on moisturizing the upper layers of the epidermis. This hydrating face moisturizer is ideal for regenerating and hydrating Dilapidated and/or Dehydrated Skin Instants©

The Body Corner

To protect, hydrate, and nourish your skin all summer long, Paul Labrecque Skincare Spa offers a variety of professional skincare products from Biologique Recherche. Read all about Paul Labrecque recommendations for your best beach body ever and a healthy summer skincare routine:

Exfoliate for an even skin tone

The summer heat, sun, and subsequent sweat will take its toll on your delicate skin, but regular exfoliation will ensure continued health and strength. Use Gommage P50 Corps and/or

Lotion P50 Corps to effectively exfoliate your skin. If you use our body exfoliating glove — the Body Massage Glove — then the product will penetrate your skin better for enhanced performance.

Treat stretch marks

There are actually two types of stretch marks: red and white. To meet the diverse needs of clients, Biologique Recherche developed two separate stretch mark treatments. This is truly a breakthrough in the skincare industry and Biologique Recherche and Paul Labrecque are paving the way with this revolutionary natural stretch mark removal.

  • Crème R-Stria will prevent and alleviate red stretch marks. It does so by decreasing inflammation and reconstructing dermal fibers. 
  • Crème B-Stria is efficient for white stretch marks removal as it stimulates skin repair.

Hydrate and glow

Want to preserve your tan, hydrate your skin, and avoid peeling all at the same time? Paul Labrecque recommends the Emulsion Corps VIP O2 with Huile Bénéfique. Lighter than an oil yet richer than a cream, this mix provides for an intense skin hydration. It will penetrate your skin instantly, leaving a silky, non-greasy touch. Within just a few days of use, you can expect to see a natural tanned glow! 

What’s better than this hydrating oil? Having it in a travel size for you to carry with you everywhere! When you’re at the beach, you can even apply it on your hair in order to keep your hair hydrated and nourished while you’re out in the harsh sun.

Protect Your Locks With These Finishing Serums

Summer isn’t just hard on your skin — it can take a toll on your hair as well. Paul Labrecque recommends these two hair strengtheners and serums to keep your hair shiny (without making your hair look greasy or oily). 

  • Lotion Keractive: This no-rinse hair treatment and leave-in hair conditioner will fortify your hair quickly and effectively so your hair can be protected all summer long.
  • Pommade Capillaire: This hair strengthener coats your hair with a protective film and helps repair cuticle scales while rebuilding from the inside. This hair product is a must for your beach bag!

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You can count on Paul Labrecque for professional skincare products. Shop for the recommended Biologique Recherche products in this blog to keep your skin radiant, toned, and healthy all summer long. Biologique Recherche skin, hair, and body products online are customized for every skin type and condition and for all types of weather. Paul Labrecque and the Original Biologique Recherche Skincare Spa — building better skin for more than 20 years!

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New Sérum de Teint from Biologique Recherche

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Are you looking for a facial product that can combine your professional serum with your favorite makeup foundation into one eloquent product? What about one that protects your skin from the harmful pollutants that, unfortunately, we are exposing our skin to at an alarming rate?

Biologique Recherche is excited to announce a brand new product in the lineup that conquers it all.

Coming from a professional skin care line, Biologique Recherche’s Sérum de teint combines the performance required from a protective facial serum with the light, bright, and full look guaranteed by foundation for a radiant, healthy glow. So when you’re looking for protecting and purifying tinted skincare, look for Sérum de teint by Biologique Recherche.

Sérum de teint comes in five gorgeous tints and is recommended for all Skin Instants©.

Shop for Sérum de teint

Say What About Skin Damage?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), pollution is now the greatest environmental health risk. There are many studies that research the effects of exposure to domestic and atmospheric pollutants and their link to various types of cancer, as well as cardiac, vascular, and pulmonary problems.

Each year, 8.4 million people die from these aforementioned causes.

Aside from pollution, UV rays from the sun damage the skin too. The intensity of the rays transfers into the depth of damage in the layers of the skin.

As we now know, the exposure to pollution is a given in our daily life. Urban settings are more heavily polluted, which makes it that much more important to make an effort to protect our skin. This, on top of the harmful UV rays from the sun, causes exponential damage to the different layers of our skin.

Damaging Outdoor Pollutants

Outdoor pollutants can come in a variety of forms: exhaust gases, vehicle emissions, ozone, hydrocarbons, and heavy metals to name a few.

There are also fine particles that create smog in cities; sometimes — depending on their size — these particles can be smaller than skin pores and can enter into the respiratory system.

Additionally, cigarette smoke is another pollutant that is composed of 4,000+ different substances, of which 40 are considered carcinogenic.

Damaging Indoor Pollutants

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has conducted multiple studies that have found our indoor environments to be between 2 to 5 times more polluted than our outdoor environments.

Indoor pollutants come in a variety of forms, such as:
• Household products and combustion sources
• Various product coatings
• Mold from humidity
• Tobacco from smokers

    These pollutants can cause skin disorders and health problems. Studies and experiments have shown that skin cells exposed to these pollutants become deregulated.

    Deregulated skin can cause:
    • Excess sebum secretion
    • Very high transepidermal water loss
    • Oxidative stress
    • Increased skin sensitivity
    • Dull complexion

      Often, the exposure to UV rays and pollutants cause long-term damage and can be difficult to detect on a daily basis. However, you can watch for these signs to recognize if your skin may be experiencing harm caused by UV rays or pollutants.

      Exposure to UV rays and pollutants can cause these repercussions on the skin:
      • Acne, skin rash
      • Premature cutaneous aging
      • Redness, eczema
      • Dryness and dehydration
      • Dull and tired complexion
      • Oxidative stress
      • Inflammation

        Take Action for Your Protection

        Protecting your skin from both outdoor and indoor pollutants doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it should make you look and feel so healthy and beautiful that you’ll notice if you accidentally skip it in your daily routine.

        Skin protectants can vary from simple sunscreens to exquisite serums and gorgeous makeup products that get the job done too.

        Sérum de teint combines a treatment facial serum with tinted makeup coverage to provide protection and beauty in one product giving you the “healthy glow”. It protects and purifies your face in just a few minutes with effects that last all day.

        Sérum de teint provides natural coverage while letting the skin breathe.

        Protect Against Pollutants

        The first priority of Sérum de teint is to protect against the pollution and UV damage caused by our current lifestyles.

        The urban particulate pollutants and free radicals induced by solar radiation (aka UV rays, blue light, infrared radiation) will damage your skin without proper protection. Sérum de teint uses extract of butterfly bush flowers and anti-pollution polysaccharide as the active protection ingredients to combat these dangers. These active ingredients fight the urban particulate pollutants and free radicals we’re exposed to daily.

        In fact, during the research and development of Sérum de teint, Biologique Recherche’s team of specialists found that a single application of Sérum de teint on a participant’s skin exposed to microparticles modeling atmospheric pollution showed a reduction of skin penetration of pollutants by 23%.

        In other words, if you use Sérum de teint as part of your daily routine, you’ll be exposing your skin to almost ¼ fewer pollutants than if you don’t use this type of protectant.


        Moisturizing, Hydrating Softness

        The next priority for Sérum de teint is to moisturize the skin to maintain its barrier function at a maximum.

        Protection alone would have made us excited with this new serum, but that’s not where Biologique Recherche stopped. Another lovely benefit with Sérum de teint is long-lasting hydration.

        Using a pair of exopolysaccharides and prickly pear seed oil, Sérum de teint effectively moisturizes the face with long-lasting, hydrating action. This leaves the epidermis soft, relaxed and comfortable all day long.

        The research shows that application of Sérum de teint in participants with dry to very dry skin showed improved, significant, and long-lasting hydration for up to 6 hours and a non-drying effect for up to 8 hours.

        Even, Gorgeous Complexion

        According to Biologique Recherche, the last main goal of developing Sérum de teint is to create a product with an even complexion, optimum hold and gorgeous results.

        With the active ingredients that protect against about a quarter of the day’s harmful skin exposures and long-lasting hydrating effects, the job remains simple for evening out the complexion. The protectors fight against acne, redness, dryness, tiredness, oxidative stress, and more.

        The tinted serum brings the complexion together with a natural, guaranteed “healthy glow” effect. Additionally, the team at Biologique Recherche ensures that this long-last moisturizing formula is also non-greasy and non-comedogenic.

        Any Skin Instant© is recommended to use Sérum de teint as part of their daily routine.

        Directions for Using Sérum de teint

        1. Use your finger or a makeup brush. Dab the serum onto clean and dry skin (forehead, nose, cheeks, chin) after your daily skincare product.
        2. Delicately spread out from the center to the outside of the face, neck and decollete for a natural finish.

        Recommended New Makeup Brush

        Biologique Recherche released an all-new makeup brush along with Sérum de teint. It follows the contours of your face for a beautiful application.

        Shop at Paul Labrecque Skincare Spa Today

        Paul Labrecque is a luxury skincare spa dedicated to the health, protection, and beauty of your skin. Biologique Recherche’s Sérum de teint is available online today! Paul Labrecque offers fast, free shipping and free samples. Order by 2:00 for same day shipping!

        Pre-order Sérum de Teint now.

        Biologique Recherche: Serum de teint from Raw Media Network on Vimeo.

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