Understanding And Treating Aging Skin with Environ Skincare Products - Vitamin A Step Up System

Understanding And Treating Aging Skin with Environ Skincare Products - Vitamin A Step Up System

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Skincare remains one of the most significant concerns for most people. Beautiful and flawless skin is something many people, regardless of gender, strive for. It helps boost confidence and can positively improve one's confidence and self-esteem.

Unfortunately, the skin also faces many issues resulting from exposure to the environment, causing some distress, which translates to breakouts and other adverse effects on the skin. When this happens, many people seek solutions to help them get back their great skin. Sadly, factors such as age cannot be reversed, and their effects on the skin can be disheartening.

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Focus on taking precautions as it can help slow down the effects of aging. This may mean getting into a regimen that lets you care for your facial skin in such a way that rejuvenates it. Consider getting into a sustainable skincare routine if you want your face to look supple, fresh, and well taken care of.

A good example would be anti-aging skincare with your favorite age-defying products such as those from Environ Skin care. Below is a customized step-by-step procedure that you can follow to achieve your goal, especially when using Vitamin A. Stick around for more details on achieving youthful and timeless skin no matter how old you are. 

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Possible Effects on Aging Skin 

Before we get into the Environ Skin Care routine, it helps to understand the changes to your skin as you age. With time, the outer layer of one's skin, known as the epidermis, gets thinner than when you were younger. The cell layers mostly stay unchanged, with the only changes happening to the melanocytes. First, these pigment-containing cells decrease in number and increase in size. Consequently, aging skin tends to become clear/translucent, thinner, and paler in appearance.

This is not something many people want happening to them. The rate at which aging occurs depends on the skin's pigmentation, with lighter-skinned individuals aging faster than dark-skinned individuals. Environmental factors like sunlight exposure, genetic composition, and nutrition influence how skin ages.

The numerous effects also cause the development of age spots or pigmented spots. The skin's elasticity is also not spared with age. Changes in the connective tissues lead to reduced elasticity and skin strength. This effect is common and is known as elastosis. It majorly affects people who spend a lot of their time outdoors, exposed to the sun and the environment in general. The effects on the skin are a tired-looking, leathery, and weather-beaten appearance. Unfortunately, it becomes easily fragile and open to bruises due to old skin's effects.

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Your sebaceous glands also change with age. They tend to produce less oil. This happens earlier in women than in men. For women, the changes kick in almost immediately after menopause, while men noticeably experience such changes once they get to 80 years and more. When sebaceous glands no longer produce oil as they used to, the effect is dry skin, translating to dull-looking skin. It becomes challenging to keep the skin moist naturally. Unfortunately, the skin also gets itchy and becomes uncomfortable. You cannot avoid getting old, but fortunately, it is possible to prolong or slow down the aging process impacts on the skin. This requires taking deliberate steps to care for your skin. It may mean heavily investing in protective procedures and skin-friendly products. 

Are there Preventive Measures One Can Adopt? 

It is clear that the skin changes as it ages. It ceases to be plump, bright, and supple like the skin you enjoyed in your youthful years. Nonetheless, don't ignore it, especially when there is a lot you could do to restore most of the lost natural goodness. Instead, the best move would be to take a protective approach, which means guarding the skin against the adverse effects even before they happen. Some of the steps to take are simple and practical. They include: 

  • Minimizing your exposure to the sun, especially as you age. The idea is to avoid sunburns which occur when the sun's rays are strongest. 
  • Use sunscreen with high SPF, preferably one that is higher than 15 
  • Invest in and wear protective skincare and clothing 
  • Stay away from tanning products 
  • Seek out a skincare analysis and consultation to determine a customized program for your unique skin issues 
  • Stick with a consistent at-home skincare routine 

What you can do About Aging Skin

No matter how protective we are with the skin, aging is eventually inevitable. Taking precautions is excellent and contributes to having flawless skin free from dryness and itchiness, bruises, and skin cancer. However, it does not spare us from skin aging, a naturally occurring process that cannot be put off. There is a need to master the skill of caring for aging skin. Fortunately, different treatments work. These include:  

  • Using retinoids (Vitamin A) to boost collagen 
  • Using gentle products such as cleansers to avoid ripping the skin oils 
  • Regular exfoliation of body parts prone to dryness  
  • Improving on nutrition 
  • Boosting your SPF  
  • Considering supplements, preferably fish and flaxseed oils. 

Besides using products, you can pursue surgical procedures if required. However, many skin experts would advise against it unless medically needed. A practical trick to getting a youthful/bright look is incorporating Vitamin A into your daily skincare routine. Dermatologists and skincare gurus would advise on this as early as one turns 30. However, it can start gradually and increase with time.  

Why Vitamin A works 

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Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for different body processes. It plays a crucial role in reproduction, vision, and growth. This vitamin is also a key player as far as cells are concerned. For instance, it is essential for cell differentiation or when cells change from one form to another and increase cell proliferation/cell production. Consequently, it affects the skin's health directly. Besides that, it is essential to form white blood cells, hence impacting one's immune system. 

Vitamin A, commonly known as retinol, is a great contributor to healthy skin. Its derivatives are known as retinoids regardless of whether natural or manufactured.

It is essential to understand that the body does not naturally synthesize vitamin A. As such, dietary inclusion matters. Incorporate Vitamin A-rich food that may include and not limited to the likes of carrots, meat, liver, fish, dark green vegetables, and fruits, to mention a few. Alternatively, use vitamin A supplements to boost it. 

Forms of Vitamin A You Must Know About 

Before rushing to get Vitamin A Skincare, make sure to understand that it is available in two different derivatives. These are retinol and tretinoin. You can buy retinol anywhere over the counter as it is easy to find. What's more, it is best used to treat aging and sun-damaged skin.

For tretinoin, a prescription will help you access it. This is a potent Vitamin A derivative used to treat aging skin. It comes in cream or gel and helps lessen the effect of the sun on the skin. This potent Vitamin A derivative reverses the effects of aging and sun damage on the skin by half the time that retinol would do.

Tretinoin interferes with the skin enzymes responsible for breaking down collagen in the dermal skin layer. As a result, it promotes the formation of new collagen, which helps achieve a youthful look. It is not surprising that retinoids are the gold standard in today's cosmetic anti-aging treatments across the globe. 

Vitamin A derivatives can help patients achieve smoother and less wrinkly skin when used orally for acne treatment. Excellent results also happen when used topically. However, it is advisable to keep off these products when pregnant to prevent congenital disabilities. For mandatory cases, follow your doctor's recommendation of 0.01%–0.025% and apply it a few times a week to be safe.

Also, watch out for skin irritation, especially when using the gel versions of the derivatives. You can switch to the more soothing cream formulations in case of such sensitivity. Tretinoin may be strong when you start using it at first, but it gets better with time as your skin gets accustomed to it, and you can increase the application daily. 

Why you Should Choose Environ's Vitamin A Step Up System 

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The above background sets an excellent base for why you should consider using the Environ Vitamin A Step-Up System. Once you are familiar with skin aging effects and how Vitamin A can improve aging skin, it is easy to appreciate a good vitamin A regimen with guaranteed results. However, it is necessary to note that following the procedure step by step also affects the overall result you get. 

Environ is a champion for aging skincare. Vitamin A is the cornerstone of its product range, hence its effectiveness. The founder believes that aging skin results from Vitamin A deficiency often induced by sunlight exposure. Therefore, all one needs to do is correct the deficiency and have brilliant, healthy-looking skin.

Environ products focus on rectifying the deficiency without damaging the skin any further. Even in serious skin damage, products such as Derma lac Lotion can help improve skin texture and make it smoother and better. The Environ Body EssentiA range contains a powerful combination of vitamins, moisturizers, and antioxidants that work together to give you smoother, healthier, and even-looking skin. 

The company knows and believes that Vitamin A is an essential nutrient needed for healthy skin. It is the only element proven scientifically to help combat aging caused by sun effects. All the company's products capitalize on Vitamin's A ability to: 

  • Support natural moisture balance in the skin, thus increasing its radiance 
  • Strengthen the skin's outer layer, which makes it firm 
  • Stimulating protein production such as elastin and collagen that contribute to keeping the skin looking healthy 
  • Boosting skin's immunity which is crucial in helping with acne and breakouts. 

Using any of the Environ products means getting all the benefits mentioned above.

Understanding the Step-Up system 

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A Step-up system refers to the process of using Environ's core products, Environ Skin EssentiA. It is a series of products from the company to increase Vitamin A, antioxidants, and other vitamins in the skin. The gradual process allows the skin to get used to the products and accommodate higher amounts of these active ingredients and extra vitamins. The system ensures that the valuable products cause no shock or adverse effects to the skin.

It is essential to be focused and prepare for the hard work ahead. You may have to buy several Vitamin A products until you find one with the right active ingredients suited for your skin. Before starting this journey, make sure to be mentally and financially prepared since it can be exhausting, especially if you take a while to find what works for you. 

What Products Are Used in this System 

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Note that different products come in at every stage of the system. However, all these are moisturizers with varying levels of concentration of active ingredients. For instance, Environ's Starter Kit, which is an excellent introduction to Environ's incredible products, comes with a full-size Skin EssentiA AVST 1 and Vita Peptide Eye Gel. These products ensure a fantastic start to your skincare procedure. 

Additionally, regardless of the treatment one goes for, investing in products such as Environ's Colostrum Gel benefits the skin's health. It boosts skin immunity and works for all skin types. Consider having it as part of your skincare collection from Environ. 

How Does it Work? 

This is a stepwise process as follows: 

Step 1: AVST 1 moisturizer - Low Concentration 

avst 1

This step involves using a moisturizer with low concentrations of Vitamins A and C and antioxidants. It serves as an introduction that prepares your skin for higher vitamins to come soon after.  

As your skin becomes acclimatized with the new active ingredients, it gets nourished and improves its appearance as the repairing begins. You will notice a healthy glow that will get better with time. Again, this system stage serves as an introduction until your skin gets accustomed to Vitamin A. You may have to use one to two bottles for this to happen. 

Step 2AVST 2 - Medium Concentration 


The second step means increasing the amounts of active ingredients used. Your skin will continue acclimatizing to the active ingredients as you add newer ones to the regimen. It contains vitamins A, C, and E and antioxidants in higher amounts than those used in step 1 above. Due to this, one may witness a reduction in fine lines and an onset of skin radiance. At this stage, two to three bottles are alright to use. 

Step 3:AVST 3 - Medium to High Concentration 

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This is the third level of the moisturizer with a higher concentration than the two before it. You have to use two to three bottles until the skin is comfortable with it. 

Step 4: Environ Skin EssentiA AVST 4 Moisturiser (AVST 4) - High Concentration 

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This level of moisturizer has a higher concentration. Besides having the already mentioned vitamins and antioxidants, it also contains peptides and botanicals. The skin at this point is repaired and rejuvenated.  

Step 5AVST 5 - Highest Concentration 

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This is the last moisturizer used in the 5-step Vitamin A system Environ Focus Care. It contains the highest level of all active ingredients mentioned above. By the time one gets to this stage, they should have the best skin they have ever had. A smooth and supple skin should have replaced all the wrinkles and fine lines by now. The moisturizer offers all the previous benefits and combats free radicals, allowing you to have youthful-looking skin. 

What Next? 

Once you have achieved the kind of skin you want after the 5-step program, it does not end here. Continue supporting the skin to maintain this look. For this, advanced steps are required. What follows after will thus depend on the skin and your age. It is necessary to keep supporting the skin as it ages and changes. The various routes one takes are as follows: 

In the 20s 

If you are satisfied with the skin and are still in your 20s, you should consider keeping up with AVST 5 to help you maintain the glow. First, however, pay attention to the skin and monitor all changes that could occur. Adding products from the Environ Focus Care Clarity + range might benefit if you have skin prone to breakouts.

In the 30s and Above 

environ youth essentiA

When already in the 30s or beyond, you need a different approach. This is the stage at which the skin naturally starts slowing down, and the aging process sets in. You may have to progress the Vitamin A Step Up System by advancing the system or adding the Environ Focus Care Youth + products. 

Technically, this may mean considering a cocktail of AVST 5 and C-Quence 1. In addition, it implies introducing C-Quence Serum in your skincare routine. The result boosts vitamin A, C, and peptides essential for more skin repair. Start with a bottle or two of each.

Once done with the first batch of C-Quence 1, you can proceed to the C-Quence 2 combined with level 5 AVST Moisturizer. You can also explore additional products when you get to the highest level of AVST and C-Quence cocktails and combinations. For example, consider including retinol alongside the other two moisturizers.

Different Skin Goals 

Besides age, your skin goals may also influence what else you do to your skin after the 5-step Vitamin A Step Up System. If you seek better performance in terms of improvement with skin damage, scarring, fine lines, texture, and pigmentation, you need to take a different approach. In this case, your advanced skincare should be combining retinol 1 with the AVST 5 moisturizer.

Retinol is a more potent vitamin A derivative that will help you deal with stubborn skin conditions. In case it appears that you have persistent skin issues, consider cocktailing the AVST 5 moisturizer with the three retinol levels for some time first. Go with the three levels of Environ's Retinol first before including the C-Quence in the mix. 

If you're looking to soothe your sensitive skin, adding products from the Environ Focus Care Comfort+ collection to your daily Vitamin Step-Up system might benefit you.

Simultaneously, people looking to improve their uneven skin tone might benefit from the Environ Focus Care Radiance+ range.


micro needling

Micro-needling is a treatment recommended for Environ's clients who are willing and ready to undertake higher levels of Vitamin A. It involves using special tools such as the Environ Gold Roller to inject vitamin A in higher doses. It injects 100 times more vitamin A than other products and works best for targeted anti-aging treatment such as dealing with age spots, sun damage, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, and scarring. 

Before using the Environ Gold Roller, start with cleansing the targeted skin area thoroughly with Environ pre-cleanser, cleanser, and toner. Starting with the forehead, roll it vertically over the eyebrow area for two to five times. Roll obliquely, followed by horizontal movements in the same area for two to five times. Follow the same rolling pattern for the entire face until it has been treated thoroughly. 

After the rolling treatment, apply Environ skincare products as suggested by a skincare expert. 

The Environ Micro-needling process through the Gold Roller helps give you younger and healthier-looking skin. It might even reduce the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone. 

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Environ Revival Masque "Like A facelift In A Jar." 

Aging, hyperpigmentation, and dark skin are other challenges millions of women face. Apart from your regular skincare, your skin may need some extra attention. That is where Environ Tri-biobotanical revival mask comes into the picture. It is uniquely formulated with three active ingredients that target photo-damaged and uneven skin textures.

  • Lactic acid - primarily lightens the pigmentation while keeping the skin's moisture levels intact.
  • Asiatic acid - helps enhance the appearance of regenerated skin 
  • Mandelic acid – target pigmented areas

The dynamic combination of these three active ingredients can work like a facelift on your skin and impart you an enhanced regenerated skin. The best part is that it is pretty easy to add to your routine as you can use it as a 10-20 minute or an overnight mask.

After your usual pre-cleansing and cleansing, toning, and vitamin A moisturizing, you can apply a thin layer of treatment mask. Leave on for 20 minutes or overnight and wash it with tepid water.


Ensure that you seek expert advice before using any of Environ's active products, such as the Environ Youth Essentia, or even starting on the Vitamin A Step Up System. Moreover, all the products from Environ are sold only with a verified consultation. Note that all these products have highly active vitamins and additional ingredients, which, when misused, can have side effects.

Gradual introduction and advancements of the products are also highly recommended. Working with a specialized skin expert or doctor is one of the easiest ways to increase amounts safely. It is crucial to monitor the skin closely to know if your skin needs more. While the products come with specific recommendations, the skin doctor may alter depending on your skin's needs. No one wants to suffer an adverse retinoid response. Usually, the skin reacts by drying and peeling due to the irritation caused by a high dose of Vitamin A too soon. 

What's more, once you attain the highest level of the Step-Up System, there are several options you could explore depending on what your skincare goals are. For instance, you can talk with an expert and try the Focus Care Moisture+ collection to boost natural radiance. All these can be confusing without the guidance of a competent and trained specialist. Investing in consultation is thus crucial.

Is the System Worth the Investment 

Investing in Environ's 5-step Vitamin A Step Up System and advanced skincare afterward is a worthwhile venture. Every person should consider it if they want to enjoy a youthful look and glow for a long time.

After all, it has been proven to work perfectly as long as reversing aging effects are concerned. Higher concentrations of Vitamin A, an essential component for youthful and healthy-looking skin, make it worthwhile. Including it as part of your regular care is advantageous. 

Final Thoughts

Skincare can be as personalized as one wants. However, what matters is taking time to care for your skin and staying consistent with a customized at-home regimen. Some preventive measures can help you avoid expensive rectification remedies later in life. Invest in legit products and processes, and you will never regret it. 

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Catherine O Sullivan

Catherine O Sullivan

Hi I am interested in getting to know Environ products for ageing skin(56)years young , and I would love to know if there is a therapist in south of Ireland. Thanks Catherine 😊

Hi I am interested in getting to know Environ products for ageing skin(56)years young , and I would love to know if there is a therapist in south of Ireland. Thanks Catherine 😊

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