New Biologique Recherche Platysma Anti-Ptosis Lifting Chin Mask

New Biologique Recherche Platysma Anti-Ptosis Lifting Chin Mask

New Biologique Recherche Platysma Anti-Ptosis Chin Mask

New from Biologique Recherche. The Platysma Anti-Ptosis Chin Mask is a genuine anti-aging innovation specifically designed to lift, firm and tone sagging facial contours along the jawline. This revolutionary new chin mask combines the benefits of an anti-gravity and anti-ptosis mask in a single step to redesign facial contours and visibly redefine the jawline.

What is the platysma muscle?

The platysma is a broad muscle which arises from the fascia that covers the upper segments of the deltoid and pectoralis muscles. Its thin muscle fibers cross over the clavicle and proceed obliquely superiorly, laterally and medially over the neck.

What is the function of the platysma muscle?

The platysma muscle is responsible for drawing the skin around the lower part of your mouth down or out, which creases the skin in your lower face. Without this muscle, you might have a hard time sipping beverages, kissing, frowning or making any distinct facial movement that uses your lower mouth. Several other expressions that use the mouth, such as surprise, confusion or displeasure, also wouldn't be achievable without this muscle.

As you age, the platysma can shorten and thin and begin to sag and lose elasticity. This makes it important to treat and help tighten, tone and firm this muscle to restore elasticity. The Biologique Recherche Anti-Ptosis Platysma Chin Mask is an at home non-surgical alternative to help improve and minimize sagging around the jawline and neck.

What are the causes of ptosis or sagging neck muscles?

There are many factors that can cause the sagging of the platysma muscle. The normal aging process is a major factor but hormonal imbalances, weight gain or loss, environmental factors, loss of skin elasticity and even bone loss in the jaw due to aging are all factors that contribute to the sagging jawline and chin.

How does the Platysma Chin Mask work?

Inspired by medical cosmetic lifting techniques the new Platysma Chin Mask combats cutaneous ptosis and specifically targets the facial contour area and jawline. Made of high stretch, high quality fabric combining cellulose and viscose the mask fits comfortably around the lower face to instantly provide a tightening effect. Thanks to the stretch ability and it's universal shape, the mask is suited for all face shapes, perfectly and comfortably adapts to the area under the chin.

What makes the Platysma Chin Mask so effective?

The mask is infused with the ultimate anti-ptosis highly active ingredients. Sweet white lupin peptides, helichrysum stoechasextract and marine exopolysaccharide from the Iroise Sea all work against gravity by improving dermal density for improved structural support of the skin. The result is a more voluminous and defined facial contour under the chin area.
The lifting effect  is built around Red Seaweed, Tara Fruit Complex and Cassava Extract which all improve elasticity and have a true tightening effect for the skin. The result is a tighten facial contour, smoother skin and a firmer chin.

Where can I purchase the new Biologique Recherche Anti-Ptosis Chin Mask?

The new mask and the full collection of Biologique Recherche Skin, Hair and Body Collections are available at Paul Labrecque. The Original Authorized Biologique Recherche Skincare Spa in New York City and Palm Beach. Paul Labrecque has been an authorized Biologique Recherche skincare partner  providing trusted product knowledge and professional customized facial treatments for more than 22 years. It can also be purchased on line at with all your must have Biologique Recherche skincare products such as the Cult Favorite Lotion P50 Toner and the bestselling Masque Vivant.

The professional Platysma Lifting Chin Mask Treatment is also available In Spa with any Customized Biologique Recherche Facial Treatment. Call 212-988-7816 for more information or to book an appointment in New York City or Palm Beach.

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