Biologique Recherche Sheet Masque

Biologique Recherche Sheet Masque Magic!

Discover the magic of the Biologique Receherche Sheet Masque Collection for face, chin, eyes and lips. Luxurious sheet masques to treat multiple skin issues for the ultimate in self care.

Biologique Recherche’s Sheet Masques are personalized formulations designed to balance, purify, hydrate, brighten, decongest, firm and replenish. Discover the perfect masque for your face, eyes, chin, neck. Add Cryosticks, Biologique Recherche’s essential beauty tool to enhance the performance of your at-home masque treatment.

Is there a Biologique sheet masque formulated to treat dark spots and brighten my complexion?

MASQUE PIGM 400 — Brightening + Radiance Booster Masque For The Face

The Biologique Recherche Masque PIGM 400 works to unify and illuminate the complexion while preventing the look of dark spots. This new innovative skincare technology is an extremely thin, softer than silk, cooler than linen peel-off face mask. The almost transparent smooth fiber of this detox mask perfectly adapts to the face’s shape and feels soft and supple against the skin. The anti-melanogenesis mask contains high concentrations of red algae extract, pea extract, caviar lime extract, and vitamin c to boost radiance and brighten the complexion. It’s super-absorbent technology is able to trap the active botanical ingredients for optimal concentration and absorption into the skin.

What is the best Biologique Recherche sheet masque to firm and lift my jawline and chin?

PLATYSMA — Anti-Ptosis Chin Mask With Lifting Effect

The Platysma Anti-Ptosis Chin Mask is a genuine anti-aging innovation specifically designed to lift, firm and tone sagging facial contours along the jawline. This revolutionary new chin mask combines the benefits of an anti-gravity and anti-ptosis mask in a single step to redesign facial contours and visibly redefine the jawline. The Platysma Anti-Ptosis Chin Mask has an immediate “lifting” effect. Its universal shape and stretch support help tighten the facial contour. The jawline is restructured and the face contours are redefined. This unique chin mask helps to tighten the fibrous network of the platysma muscle, thereby restoring the skin’s “bounce" with a long-lasting firming effect.

Which Biologique Recherche sheet masque is best to treat fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes?

EYE PATCHES DEFATIGNATE — Anti-Puffiness Smoothing Eye Mask

Patchs Defatigants is an anti-puffiness and smoothing biocellulose eye mask. Biologique Recherche has developed this innovative new eye mask to treat the signs of fatigue and aging in the eye contour area Our eyes speak volumes about our age and lifestyle. Its vulnerability and continuous movements make the eye contour area particularly prone to the formation of signs of fatigue (dark circles, puffiness, lack of radiance) and aging (wrinkles, dehydration lines, loss of firmness). Patchs Défatigants combines an ideal biocellulose eye mask with a tailored shape infused with specifically chosen highly active ingredients suited to the thin and fragile eye contour area.

What is Biologique Recherche’s latest innovation in anti-wrinkle sheet masques?

MASQUE CAVIAR VERT — Anti-Wrinkle Smoothing Masque For The Face

Biologique Recherche's latest anti-aging innovation -Masque Caviar Vert, is the ultimate anti-wrinkle treatment to prevent and fill in fine lines and wrinkles. Masque Caviar Vert stimulates components of the skin’s extracellular matrix to help prevent the formation of wrinkles and increases the skin’s firmness. It restores density for skin that looks smoother and fuller. Masque Caviar Vert is infused with Green Caviar, a seaweed rich in essential minerals. This “plant-based caviar” comes in bunches and is reminiscent of true caviar. It has the exceptional ability to act on the dermal-epidermal junction by boosting the synthesis of collagens. Benefits include: Prevents skin aging, plumps up and fills wrinkles and fine lines, stimulates collagen synthesis, restores skin vitality, tightens the skin, and smooths facial features. Results are visible from the very first use.

Is there a Biologique Recherche masque specially formulated for lips?

LIFTKISS — Contour + Volume Lip Patch

Liftkiss Contour + Volume Lip Patch is a soothing and plumping lip masque designed to promote skin regeneration, intensely repair lips, and add volume. The bio-cellulose lip patch that comprises Liftkiss has a second skin effect and perfectly adapts and adjusts to all types of lips while covering the entire lip area. Liftkiss leaves your lips moisturized, smooth, and supple. Highly active moisturizing ingredients, hyaluronic acid and plant sugars provide an immediate plump to the lips for a fuller, softer and more supple effect. A perfect, healthy, kissable, plump pout is just a Liftkiss away! Recommended for dehydrated and damaged Lip Instants.©

Which Biologique Recherche sheet masque is best suited to calm irritated, sensisitve and reactive skin?

TOLESKIN M — Anti-Crisis Soothing + Lipid-Replenishing Mask For The Face

Biologique Recherche Toelskin M is a vital ally in the event of a cutaneous overreaction by the epidermis. Toleskin M is a single sheet face mask and sterile serum that will immediately calm the skin before or after cutaneous crises. After one use the skin feels more comfortable, soothed, stronger and ready to protect itself against everyday external stress. Benefits include: Calms redness to comfort and soothe the skin, limits trans-epidermal water loss, genuinely reconstructs the skin barrier and protects against everyday external stress factors.

How can I enhance the benefits of my Biologique sheet masque treatment at home?

CRYO-STICKS — Unique Soothing and Cooling Beauty Tool

Cryo-Sticks are part of the renowned Biologique Recherche skincare line, designed with cooling properties to reduces redness and minimize inflammation. Cryo-Sticks are made with medical grade stainless steel and store maximum thermal energy, ensuring cold is diffused in contact with the skin. Their ergonomic form molds to the contours of the skin, enabling them to work effectively on every area of the face, including even delicate skin areas like the eyes. Cryo-Sticks are perfect complement to your masqueing regimen. 

Discover your best skin ever with Biologique Recherche Sheet Masque Collection for face, chin, eyes and lips. 

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