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Biologique Recherche

Lotion Keractive

Energizing Lotion For Hair

5.1fl oz/150ml

Biologique Recherche Lotion Keractive is a botanical hair energizer and leave-in conditioner that strengthens and adds volume to hair from root to end. It fortifies and repairs damaged hair as it protects hair from external aggressions and heat damage. The highly active ingredients in this volumizing leave-in conditioner include nettle yeast, horsetail and birch bark extract, cider vinegar, and Vitamin B5.

Lotion Keractive is recommended for daily use on all hair types and is also excellent when used on damp hair to protect it from damage during blow-drying.

Directions for use: Apply Lotion Keractive to dry or wet hair. Smooth over hair from roots to ends with the palms of your hand. Do not apply on scalp. Do not rinse.

Customer Reviews

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Nice, but not what I was looking for

I was hoping this would be a protecting treatment for blowing out my hair...I'm not sure if it is protecting my hair as it's quite lightweight. If you're concerned about the alcohol use it while your hair is wet since alcohol whisks moistures from hair/skin. Otherwise it does give me shine.

Beware: Contains Denatured Alcohol

Customer service was great at PL but beware: the second ingredient in this product is denatured alcohol.
Normally I never wrote reviews and love BR products, but I was stunned that BR, perhaps trying to foray into the hair market, would list rubbing alcohol as their second ingredient. At first I thought I had misread the label, and it was the conditioning alcohol called cetearyl alcohol. Nope.

The full ingredients list isn’t listed anywhere online so I didn’t notice when I researched the product. For such an expensive, luxury hair-care product, I would not have expected a damaging and outdated ingredients list. I tried to find research that showed denatured alcohol could be formulated to be beneficial or non-damaging (like fatty alcohols). While it’s possible that the glycerin and urea at the bottom of the ingredients list might just be sufficient to counterbalance the denatured alcohol’s drying effects, it’s up to you if you want to take the risk. Though after Googling “denatured alcohol in hair care” you may not decide to pay $50 to essentially spray rubbing alcohol on your hair. Overall, this is a leave-in product that has denatured alcohol as the second ingredient, so it’s at a high concentration and will be staying on your hair for a long time. After having such good luck with the rest of the BR skincare line, I have to say that my trust in the brand is shattered.

Great product and great service

This is one of the best hair products that I have ever used. The difference it makes is amazing - highly recommend!