Trouble with thinning hair, ladies? Tips To Trick That Thinning Hair

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Trouble with thinning hair, ladies? You're not alone in your search for sexy amidst your days of new beauty treatment regimes. Paul Labrecque said it best in a recent article for PRiME Women Magazine, "Thinning hair with age may be at the top of my list of pet peeves!"

The good news is that even with the days of estrogen replacement behind us, we are able to treat, disguise, and live with thinning hair.

Solutions For Treating Thinning Hair


Illude yourself and others away from the truthfully thinning hair atop your head to a beautiful and full look. Paul advises, "My job is to let you come to the realization that in the midst of a thinning cycle, you like the memory of long hair. However, maybe your long hair is aiding in exasperating the fall out."

He recommends layers to give movement or a bob to give the appearance of full ends.


Take a stroll down memory lane, and picture your hair color throughout your lifetime. Were you a brunette with sunkissed highlights? Were you a natural blond or redhead who was always searching for the extra color lift? No matter the natural color, Paul Labrecque says ombre and other balayage color styles are the way to detract the eye from the bare scalp exposed by thinning hair to the beautiful ends that are kissed with color.

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