The New Advanced Formula Creme Masque Vernix VG

The New Advanced Formula Creme Masque Vernix VG

The numbers tell the story. The New Advanced Formula Creme Masque Vernix VG delivers improved hydration, elasticity, suppleness, softness and more intensive repair for the epidermis and the skin's barrier.

We are so excited to announce the NEW Biologique Recherche Advanced Formula Creme Masque Vernix VG is now available to order. This new formula transforms the original Creme Masque vernix into a more advanced fusion of biotechnological and botanical extracts for the ultimate solution to repair and regenerate the epidermis.

A new smoother and more delicate texture hydrates, regenerates, repairs and revitalizes the skin barrier for the ultimate skin repairing face cream. This new formula is even closer than ever to the composition of the human vernix. 

The science and numbers behind the new formula tell the full story for smoother, softer, more comfortable and plumper skin.

An increase of +115% of ceramides reinforces and repairs the skin barrier to protect from outside aggressions

An increase of +25% of filaggrin proteins increase hydration, TEWL and natural moisturising factors.

Experience immediate, significant and long lasting results on hydration after just one application. An increase of +4% in elasticity, +22% viscoelasticity and +19% in suppleness.

After just 2 hours the new forumlas mositurising effect increased by +10% and after 4 hours increased +12.9%.

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