How To Use Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 - A Detailed Guide

How To Use Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 - A Detailed Guide

Like all other high-quality premier products, the Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 has earned its place in the beauty industry. It is not surprising that this excellent acid toner has attracted a massive following of loyal users who swear by its effectiveness. Anyone who has tried it can certify that they cannot do without it, at least not when the goal is to sustain an unmatched glow. However, for these excellent results, there is a need to learn how to use the lotion properly. When the best products are not used properly, they will not yield the expected results. This article breaks down how best to use the Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 for a satisfying look. 

lotion p50


Biologique Recherche is the epitome of French skincare as it depicts quality, excellence, skincare science, passion, and expertise all in one package. The exclusive brand was founded in the 1970s by the Allouche family through their lab, Parisian Research Laboratory. The founder, Yvan (a biologist), Josette (a physiotherapist), and their son Phillipe Allouche (a clinical doctor) came together and merged their knowledge to create this artisanal brand that has left a mark in the beauty industry. 

It is a natural but luxury skincare brand customized to take care of each person's skin individually. The formulations are made with the highest quality ingredients, cold formulated with no artificial fragrances to guarantee optimum effectiveness and safety. 

Before we get into the application process, you may want to know why lotion P50 is talked about and praised by many users and industry experts. 

Beauty enthusiasts believe that the Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 is the ultimate glow-boosting product with its chemical exfoliating properties. It works better than external exfoliants such as facial scrubs because it is gentler and works from the inside out. Below we discuss this product in detail. 

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50


Some of the clinically proven effects on the skin following the use of these luxury products include: 

a. Purification of the facial skin and clogged pores. The acids locked in the lotion thoroughly exfoliate your skin within a 50-day period, which is about two skin cycles. Consequently, new supple skin is revealed, giving you an even and smoother look. 

b. It hydrates the skin. The lotion has natural moisturizing factors that are slowly injected into the skin, keeping it well hydrated, which in turn helps to attain a plump and more healthy-looking skin. 

c. It helps brighten the skin. The lotion has cider vinegar as part of the main ingredients. This boosts the levels of Alpha, Beta, and Poly Hydroxy Acids that, in turn, promote skin brightening properties. As such, you will have a glowing and radiant complexion. 


Now that you understand the potential benefits of the P50 lotion, you may want to know which product suits you. These toners come in different ranges, meaning that there is something for everyone. It is essential to understand what works for your skin type. Choosing the right product will give you better results. Below are the different P50 lotions available in specific high-end luxury spas like Paul Labrecque after getting a skin analysis done by experts.


Lotion P50W is an excellent choice for anyone new to the acid-peeling skincare regimen since it has an added ingredient, arnica, that soothes and calms the skin. It has a slower penetration making it great for thinner, sensitive or reactive skin. However, it is still as powerful as the other more potent formulations of the P50 lotions, only that it takes a gentler approach to work. 

Lotion P50W


Lotion P50 PIGM400

This one is perfect for people with pigmented skin, especially those targeting dark spots, hyper-pigmentation and age spots. The Lotion P50 PIGM 400 helps to reduce them and prevent their reoccurrence. It comes packed with brightening, antioxidant-filled ingredients that unify one's complexion and brightens the skin. It also has extra ingredients such as Wasabi Japonica extracts, potentially rich in Vitamin C that illuminates the skin.  


This P50 lotion has beneficial anti-aging ingredients of walnut seed extract and natural sponge, making it easier to penetrate dull, matured/aging skin. It offers an intense restoration and nourishment to the skin and is ideally suited for dehydrated dry skin types. 

Lotion P50V


This is the most famous formulation of the Lotion P50 products. It is also the purest of the lotions with the highest concentrations of active ingredients, hydroxy acids, and purifying oil regulating ingredients of myrtle,myrth, and onion extracts. This formula is absorbed faster than any other.  

Experts also recommend it for thicker and very oily skin types. Once you know which lotion to use, you can master the proper application process because it makes a massive difference in the lotion's efficacy. Therefore, there's a need to understand how to do it right to benefit maximum out of the lotions.


Lotion P50


Biologique recherche is no ordinary toner. Hence, you must stick to the specific steps to get the application right. Any variation in the steps will result in poor results and affect the glow you expect. Consider the step-by-step process below. 


While it is always good to wash your face before applying any product, it is even more critical to start with a well-cleansed face before applying Biologique Recherche Lotion P50. It's better to use a similar product range to cleanse the face. In this case, you could try the Lait VIP O2 cleansing milk, which is a product from the Biologique Recherche range.  

This will guarantee a thoroughly cleaned base. It's an excellent choice for all skin types and will not react adversely even to sensitive skin types. Besides that, it also re-oxygenates the skin and prepares it for the next step of the treatment or skincare routine. You do not want the toning lotion to react with the impurities on your face because you failed to cleanse it properly. 

Lotion P50 toner


You can now apply the toner with a clean base to work on. Soak a considerable amount of the Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 toner on a cotton pad and pat it on the face. The “pat and push” method is the best for application. 

Make sure you pat the product all over the face and neck, making upward motions. You must be gentle while patting the Lotion P50 on the face to avoid overstimulation or any form of irritation. 

However, you should also not panic if you feel some stinging sensation, redness, or numbness. Note that these are expected sensations. They are part of the reasons why most people prefer this product. Once the toner is appropriately applied, give it a few minutes to completely dry before proceeding with your skincare routine.  


The toner could leave your skin slightly irritated or red for a minute or two. This is normal, especially for first time users. This will subside after a few minutes and is an indication the product is working. Not to worry, though, since this is an expected effect. Fortunately, you will follow it up with an oxygenating mist that helps soothe the irritated skin. People with irritated, overly dry, or sensitive skin should not miss this step. An oxygenating mist is ideal to use at this stage.  

A recommended choice would be the L'Eauxygenante oxygenating mist which goes very well with the lotion. It helps refresh, soothe, and hydrate the skin and calm the skin with any redness caused by applying the Biologique Recherche Lotion P50. However, people whose skin did not react to the lotion can skip this step since it is not mandatory. If any kind of prolonged irritation or redness persists you should refrain from using the product and consult your esthetician for further recommendations on use. 


By now, you are already familiar with the lotion application and have probably gotten it right. Consequently, your goal is to ensure that your skin receives the maximum benefits of the product.  

While stopping at the P50 lotion application is possible, it is best to follow the routine below to get the most out of the miracle product. This means utilizing other supporting skincare products that will ensure you give your skin the proper nourishment and support to use up the P50 lotion you applied earlier. This is where a suitable serum comes in.  

Fortunately, Biologique Recherche has several serums that work for different skin types. These include water-based quintessential serums, a favorite for many users, and the all-natural finishing serums. Many of the Quintessential serums are formulated to mix, match or layer as a “serum cocktail”. We recommend up to 4 different serums to address your unique skin issues. 

The point is to pick a serum that supports your skin's unique needs. For instance, acne-prone skin will require a different serum from aging skin. Factor in the skin type and skin condition when choosing appropriate serums. Some of the more popular serums are the SerumComplexeIribiol helps control sebum for acne –prone skin, SerumElastine to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, Serum OligoProteines Marines to brighten, and the Serum Colostrum VG to hydrate and replenish lipids. 

Focus on finding nutrient-packed serums that can fit in your essential skincare pack because they address the issues you are dealing with. For instance, people suffering from hyperpigmentation should choose to apply the Serum PIGM 400 after applying the P50 lotion.  

Another example will be using SerumErythros, which works perfectly if you struggle with chronic rosacea. This serum can help you cope with inflammation and redness, both of which may result after applying the toner lotion. Learning to use the P50 lotion and essential follow-up products should be prioritized. 

Always be gentle when applying your targeted/chosen serums by massaging a few drops of the selected products on the face, neck, and décolleté. Wait for about two minutes after applying the serum and before applying a finishing serum and a moisturizer. 


Your toning lotion is likely to yield better results if you moisturize later. It is essential to apply face and eye cream to keep the skin hydrated and lock the Lotion P50 for maximum benefit. The powerful ingredients of this product work better when your face is well hydrated.

Start with a natural under-eye cream, as experts would recommend. If you want to keep up with a similar product range, the Crème Contour des Yeux VIP O2 would be perfect. Once done, apply a natural facial skin cream or choose favorite Biologique Recherche moisturizer that you like and use it at this stage.

Just keep in mind to use a moisturizer that suits your skin type and needs. For instance, anyone can use Gel ADN Silkgen for light or airy gel application since it works for all skin types. Those with dry skin types or seeking extra moisturization should consider using the Creme Dermo-RL or Crème VG Derm.

Paying attention to your skin needs to provide the right products and nourishment is vital. This determines whether or not you get maximum benefits from your Biologique Recherche Lotion P50. 


The idea of using a finishing serum is to ensure all the valuable products you have applied are sealed in for deeper, longer, and lasting penetration, which translates to better results. These serums have larger molecules than other serums, helping them achieve their intended goal perfectly.

Besides that, finishing serums also protect the skin from exterior elements that potentially harm the skin. Use the same approach with the toning lotion to apply these serums correctly. Gentle upward motions are highly recommended. Some of the most popular finishing serums used by most P50 lotion users are the Le Grand Serum and Fluide VIP 02.


Anyone keen on their skincare routine knows that it can be counterproductive not to use sunscreen after applying all their luxury skincare brands. It is of no use to have a great product go to waste because you failed to take necessary precautions. Note that the P50 lotion makes your facial skin delicate and more sensitive to the sun's rays.

Therefore, it is only reasonable that you apply sunblock to reduce and prevent the harmful effect of the sun's rays. This is the only way to avoid pigmentation and discoloration of your facial skin. Sunscreen is essential even if you will not be spending hours exposed to the sun. It takes a slight sunlight effect to cause massive damage that would be very taxing to correct.

Invest in a good sunscreen and use it religiously, mainly if you regularly apply the P50 toner since your skin will become more delicate and easily affected by the sun's rays.

Besides the different types of lotion P50 mentioned above, there are specially formulated lotion P50s for hair and scalp and the body. 

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 Capillaries is a purifying lotion that helps strengthen hair, improves texture and makes it shinier and more manageable. It balances PH, regulates the sebum and gently exfoliate the scalp. It contains highly active ingredients like horseradish, lemon, sage, myrrh and burdock extracts, witch hazel and purifying poly-alpha-beta hydroxy complex. Experts recommend this lotion for seborrheicoroily scalps.

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 Corps is specially formulated for body care. This lotion is rich in Poly-Alpha-Beta-Hydroxy-Acids, Nettle and Lemon extracts. It gently exfoliates the outermost layer of the skin- the epidermis, thus preparing it for the next treatment.


For maximum benefit of the Lotion P50 toner, stick to the steps the experts suggest. Observing all the necessary precautions is essential to minimize any adverse effects. Learning how to apply it should be something you prioritize even before you buy the product. It is a worthy investment only when put to proper use.

If you are not sure about the suitable P50 lotion for your skin type or how to best understand using it without the help of an expert, make sure to speak to professional skincare experts at Paul Labrecque. The Paul Labrecque Skincare specialists offer Live Virtual or In Spa Skincare Consultations to answer all your questions and help you create the proper at home skincare routine best suited for your skin type. The right consultation can ensure you will get the maximum benefits from these wonderful products. After all, glowing skin does not happen by chance and truly depends on a consistent at home care, in spa facials and the use of quality products customized to your specific skin condition.

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