Biologique Recherche Lotion P50V No Phenol Facial Toner for Normal to Dry Dehydrated Skin
Lotion P50V -- NO Phenol ** Normal to Dry Skin
Lotion P50V -- NO Phenol ** Normal to Dry Skin

Biologique Recherche

Lotion P50V

NO Phenol

Normal to Dry Skin
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As seen in the New York Times and Huffington Post

As seen in New York Magazine "Jesus in a Bottle"

Free shipping on this item.Top skincare professional's cult favorite is described like a facial in a bottle. Lotion P50 V toner with no phenol is a gentle all-in-one toner, balancer and exfoliating lotion enriched with vitamins for normal and sensitive skin types. P50V toner is suitable for almost every skin type and is the perfect starter product. After the skin balances and becomes less reactive, you may switch to the stronger P50 formula if needed. Lotion P50V helps speed up the epidermis' natural exfoliating process and the reconstruction of the epidermal shield. Lotion P50V gently exfoliates, regulates excess sebum secretion, moisturizes and helps maintain a balanced acid pH. All of the P50 toner lotions should be used twice daily. When beginning to use a P50 product, your skin will tingle for up to 10 days or until your skin becomes balanced. This Lotion P50 toner has no phenol.

  • Exfoliates, hydrates and purifies skin
  • Excellent to treat adult acne
  • Regulates sebum secretion
  • Restores density and PH balance
  • Tones skin

How to use Lotion P50 Toner with No Phenol:

Use twice daily (morning and evening) after cleansing your face. Moisten cotton pad with P 50 toner lotion. Starting with your decollete and moving upwards, gently press cotton pad over the skin. Cover all areas of the face. Pat do not rub. Allow to dry. Follow with Biologique Recherche custom serums and creams. For extra oily or dry skin, repeat.