New Biologique Recherche Serum Teinte - How do I best apply?

New Biologique Recherche Serum Teinte - How do I best apply?

All you need to know on how to best apply the New Biologique Recherche Serum teintes. There are 5 Cool Colors with pink undertones and 5 Warm Colors with golden undertones. 

What colors or shades do the new Serum Teinte come in?

There are 5 Cool Colors with pink undertones. They are 1C, 2C, 3C, 4C and 5C. There are also 5 Warm Colors with golden undertones. They are 1W, 2W, 3W, 4W and 5W.

Is it necessary to use a cream before the Sérum Teinté

We always recommend using your regular cream before applying the Sérum Teinté. This product does not replace your cream even if the results show long-lasting hydration.

How do I apply Sérum Teinté ?

Using your finger or the brush, apply onto clean and dry skin (forehead, nose, cheeks, chin). Delicately spread out from the center to the outside of the face, neck and décolleté for a natural finish. • You can also use beauty blender if you want an even more natural finish, it allows makeup to blend perfectly into the skin.

How many pumps of the Sérum Teinté should I apply for optimal results? 

Sérums Teintés offer natural finish and adjustable coverage. • The amount of Sérum Teinté you should use depends on your individual skin type and the level of coverage you desire. • As a general guideline, start with a small amount of product and gradually build up coverage as needed. It's important to blend it evenly for a natural look.

Can I use the Sérum Teinté to conceal blemishes and other imperfections?

Yes, you can use the Sérum Teinté to conceal blemishes and other imperfections without risk of making them worse. • The formula is non-occlusive and does not clog pores. • The Sérum Teinté offers enough coverage to even out the entire complexion, it erases imperfections while remaining very light on the skin.

Can I apply Sérum Teinté on the eye contour ?

There are no contraindications regarding the application of the Sérum Teinté close to the eye contour area. • However, if you want to unify this area, we recommend that you use the Eye Care Concealer which has been specifically developed with anti-dark circles, anti-puffiness, smoothing and plumping active ingredients for the eye contour area. Eye Care Concealer is 3 shades

Should I apply the Sérum Teinté before or after my regular Finishing Serum

You must use the Sérum Teinté after the Finishing Serum of your choice depending on the Skin Instant© needs. • After applying the Finishing Serum, wait a few minutes before applying the Sérum Teinté to allow good absorption of the active ingredients and allow the Finishing Serum to create a canvas on the skin.

Should I apply the Sérum Teinté before or after sunscreen ?

Remember that applying sun protection should always be the final step in a skincare routine. • In order not to damage the unification of the complexion, we recommend the application of a powder with SPF to protect your skin from the sun and guarantee a perfect, flawless complexion. If you prefer to use a liquid sunscreen, apply by tapping on top of the Sérum Teinté without rubbing.

In what order should I apply if I have all 3 products (Sérum Teinté, Sunscreen and Finishing Serum) ?

You must apply them in this order: Finishing Serum, Sérum Teinté and then sunscreen.

How do I choose the ideal shade for me ?

To avoid selecting the wrong shade, you must pay attention to your skin tone defined by its intensity – light or dark – but also your undertone (embedded deeper in the skin and always remains the same) that can be cool that include pink, red and blue tints, and warm undertones, which consist of yellow, golden and copper tints. • Because there are as many skin tones as there are individuals, Biologique Recherche will offer multiple shades divided into 2 undertones identified by the letter C for COOL and the letter W for WARM. • Samples are available to allow to test several shades and be sure of your choice.

What shade should I choose if I have a neutral undertone ? 

If you can't decide between a rosy or golden undertone, you will need to choose the shade that best enhances your complexion. • If you find your face a little flushed because it's too "pink", choosing a foundation with a slightly yellow undertone will rebalance the complexion. • If you have very dark skin, a foundation with a warm undertone will subtly correct the shades of gray that your face can take on in winter, and give you a healthy glow.

How do I properly recycle the Sérum Teinté ?

Regarding the sample: • The paper card and the blister should be recycled in the yellow trash can. • Regarding the retail format: • The paper box should be recycled in the yellow trash can. • The bottle should be recycled in the green trash can dedicated to glass components. There is no need to separate the pump from the bottle. The entire bottle can be placed in the glass bin. • All packaging must be empty. However, there is no need to wash them.

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