As Seen In Brides Magazine: Paul Labrecque Stylist Offers Couples Resolutions

As Seen In Brides Magazine: Paul Labrecque Stylist Offers Couples Resolutions

Astrology and zodiac signs can help you learn all sorts of information about yourself and, with some help from an astrologer, use that information to make better decisions. Not sure what the new year will bring? Turn to astrology to gain some insight! Whether it’s decisions about your job or changes in your relationship, astrology can help you dig into your life and make those changes. If you’re looking for ways to make a positive change in your life this year, start with some sage advice. Brides Magazine contributing astrologer Lumi Pelinku, also a Paul Labrecque hair stylist, offers her advice on resolutions to make with your sweetie to benefit your relationship based on your astrological sign. (And don’t forget to check back to Pelinku’s previous Brides contribution about choosing a wedding hairstyle based on your sign). Here are her couples resolution suggestions based on your sign:


According to Pelinku, now is the time for Aries to sort out their intentions in terms of romantic relationships. Jupiter offers positive help for commitment and devotion, so use the coming year to decide if you and your love are in it for the long haul.


Jupiter will be influencing Taurus until November; combined with Venus in retrograde, now is a great time for Taurus to evaluate what they want in regards to long-term relationships. Talk with your sweetie to set specific, attainable goals together in the coming year.


In the coming year, Jupiter will affect two big areas for Gemini: career and fitness. Embrace the self-exploration and focus on your mental and physical wellbeing. Arrange for regular fitness dates with your sweetheart to make that positive journey toward wellness together.


For Cancer, the coming year will have a heavy emphasis on luck in creative and romantic pursuits. March, especially, will be a time of high creative energy and October could be an excellent time to start making plans toward growing your family! This year is the year to resolve to have more open and honest conversations about plans for your family.


This year will have a big focus on the domestic side of life for Leo. This year could be the year to buy a house, grow your family, or otherwise focus your attention on family goals. Resolve to spend more time with your sweetie’s family as well as your own and focus on your life together.


This year’s theme, for Virgo, is fun! Jupiter’s influence will bring confident communications with the potential for a lot of positive influence. If you’re looking for a resolution to share with your love, focus on short trips and companionship; spend time together and enjoy the communication that comes from your adventures.


Libras, this is your year to focus on finances — especially in regard to business ventures. Make plans, and the luck of Jupiter will be there. For a shared resolution, this is the year to create a financial plan and stick with it, no matter what the eventual goal.


The coming year is one full of confidence for Scorpio, which makes it the perfect time to delve deeper into your personal need and passions. Be open and honest with your loved ones and, for a couple resolution, focus on communication to express your needs and find happiness together.


The teacher, Saturn, has recently left your sign, so life should become a bit more light-hearted for Sagittarius. This year is a good year to let go of your hold on past relationships; focus on now and the future both on your own and with your sweetie.


A lot is happening for Capricorn this year. Saturn comes home to its own sign, Uranus will spark excitement from mid-May to early November, and a solar eclipse in July brings themes of invested commitment and change in your love life. As a resolution, be open-minded and positive about the changes coming your way.


This year, work/life balance is the theme of the year. Jupiter will have some major effects on finances and work goals, which may influence your relationship. If you feel any hesitation, take a step back and reevaluate your relationship goals. Both with your sweetheart and solo, focus on your career, but don’t let your relationship suffer.


The name of the game for Pisces this year is self-realization and growth. As you focus on learning more about yourself, opportunities for love will also increase, so focus on yourself and be open to what may come.

If this is a year of change or self-care for your sign, let the Paul Labrecque team help you. Contact our team today to make an appointment for a new hairstyle, a full-body exfoliation treatment, and more!

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