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Vintner's Daughter Active Treatment Essence

Vintner's Daughter Active Treatment Essence (50ml) is the ultimate, multi-corrective hydration step. This complex formula delivers optimal nutrition, micro-exfoliation, brightening, firming, and multi-level hydration to noticeably improve the overall appearance of skin. At the heart of Active Treatment Essence is Vintner’s Daughter’s signature Phyto Nutrient Infusion, made from 13 of the world’s most nutrient-rich botanicals, coupled with a unique fermentation component to amplify performance.

Elevating the formula even further are advancements in natural science including vitamin C, micro and mini hyaluronic, probiotics, plant stem cells, marine micro-algae, and micro-exfoliating acids and enzymes. Together, these elements deliver powerful hydration, optimal nutrition, and daily repair and protection for your skin.

Directions for use: Apply Active Treatment Essence immediately after cleansing. Place one-third of a dropper into the palm of your hand and quickly apply using the Pat/Press Method. To amplify results, follow by applying Active Botanical Serum while the skin is still damp.

How does Active Treatment Essence Fit with Active Botanical Serum?
Active Treatment Essence is the yin to our bestselling Active Botanical Serum’s yang. Together they deliver the ultimate in multi-correctional nutrition, deep hydration and nourishing moisture to create the most healthy and balanced foundation for radiant, youthful skin.  

Our suggested routine is: Step 1: Cleanse Step 2: Apply Active Treatment Essence using Pat/Press Method. Step 3: Apply Active Botanical Serum using Push/Press Method.

Tags: Clarity, Exfoliation, Brightening, Hydrating, Dark Spot and Pigmentation, Acne, Collagen building, Elasticity, Discoloration, Fine Lines, Redness, Anti Aging, Inflammation, 

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Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum
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Amazing product

Everything by br is a game changer. Since I've been using br products my skin looks like glass. My dermatologist asked what I've been using on my face since I don't buy what she sells. Every product is amazing !

Amazing results!

I could see the difference in 1 week.

Works for us!!

My daughter has very fine hair and lost a fair amount to poor work in a reputable salon last year . It’s been a year and she’s worked hard to grow her hair in. We have tried all the top detanglers and while some of them have been excellent this is the only one that gives her thin fine hair some oooph!!!
I’ve been using it too and love the texture when I blow dry .

Beautiful product!

Really helps to keep my skin clear and pores clean. Even my esthetician noticed a difference at my last facial. Highly recommend!

Just Okay

I purchased the shampoo, conditioner and pom-made and have been using all three for about 2 months now.
The conditioner is my only let down. I live in the high desert with fine hair and my hair still feels dry after using this conditioner. In the winter my hair needs all the extra nourishment it can get, and my hair is still dry and very static prone using this product. Although it doesn't feel weighted down, it also doesn't feel as moisturized and nourished as one would expect for this brand and price point. I believe this would be best for the summertime and a mask would be better in the winter.