Skin Care Cooler
Skin Care Cooler

Biologique Recherche

Skin Care Cooler

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The New Biologique Recherche Skin Care Cooler is recommended for keeping all your prized collection of Biologique Recherche skincare products at their optimal temperature.

This compact and adjustable mini fridge preserves formulas and increases the longevity of products. It brings a cool soothing and decongestant action to all your favorite products especially for sensitive and swollen Skin Instants©.

The Skin Care Cooler is silent and comes with an integrated light, removable shelves and touch screen to adjust temperatures. Main connections with interchangeable electrical outlet heads.

Adjustable between 6°C and 14°C Celsius or Fahrenheit
100-240V , 50-60Hz

Open: H25 x L22 x D23.5 cm
Closed: H23 x L22 x D23.5 cm

4.5 kg