Flat Oval Smoothing Brush -- Boar Bristle Brush

Paul Labrecque

Flat Oval Smoothing Brush

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Paul Labrecque Flat Oval Smoothing brush is the perfect brush for all hair types for daily maintenance. Use daily to brush through hair creating shine and luster and to maintain a healthy scalp. This is one of the highest quality boar bristle brushes on the market today.

Regular brushing with a boar bristle brush is an important part in maintaining the health and condition of your hair. Each stroke releases the hair’s natural sebum oil to condition, polish and promote stronger, softer hair full of radiant anti-static shine. Use daily to stimulate blood flow for a healthy scalp.

Care and Maintenance:
Use a long tooth comb to gently loosen and remove excess hair. Insert comb and draw towards the tips of the brush until clean. Or roll brush in warm water and mild soap. Rinse clean and blow dry excess water.