Marvis Aquatic Mint Toothpaste


Aquatic Mint

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Dive into oceanic freshness with Marvis Aquatic Mint toothpaste. Marvis' version of a message in a bottle, except the message is a wave of refreshing, sweet mint intertwined with a subtle, enduring marine freshness. And the bottle? It's a tube. Each brushing session is a deep dive into rejuvenating depths, leaving a breeze of purity that revitalizes your smile and your day.

Formulated with a blend of cleansing powders that protect enamel and dentin, Marvis Aquatic Mint toothpaste is a shield against cavities, thanks to fluoride and xylitol that also maintain oral bacterial flora in perfect balance. This rich, concentrated paste, following the tradition without preservatives and free from animal-derived ingredients, is the right choice for those who value both oral health and environmental respect.