Londontown Fresh Glow Cuticle Remover - Paul Labrecque

Londontown Fresh Glow Cuticle Remover

Say goodbye to cutting cuticles and say hello to Fresh Glow! Londontown's cutting edge product is a milky, no drip formula that nourishes as it melts away overgrown cuticles, giving the nails a radiant and polished look. Gluten-Free and Cruelty-Free.

Instantly eliminates cuticle build up and brightens nails for a Fresh Glow.The milky formula is easy to control and doesn’t drip, eliminates the need to cut and potentially damage the cuticle. Provides a clean and finished look in seconds to ensure perfect and quick results every time. Londontown's Fresh Glow Cuticle Remover gently, but effectively exfoliates for a damage free removal. A blend of emollients helps to keep the surrounding skin protected by moisturizing from within.

Directions for use: Apply the easy to use, controlled formula liberally to the cuticle. Leave on for 15 – 30 seconds. Gently push back and remove any excess skin. Wash off product with soap and water, within 3 minutes of application. Follow with a cuticle oil or cream. Consistent weekly use boosts hydration and radiance in the skin and nails.

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Lotion p50

Good product and a lot of samples!

Amazing products!!

My skin is totally clean with no traces of make up or any oils that could clog my pores, ready to hydrate it with the proper face lotions for my type of skin.

What a blessing!

I’ve decided to order this one week ago. The dark spots are lightening up! Thank you, for the fast shipment as well.

I'm hooked ❤︎

❀ I could not be happier about finding ☙ P.L.❧ as my place to order Biologique Recherche for the 1st time. Within a week I became a repeat customer based on the beautiful samples they sent me. The shipping is incredibly fast and so are the updates on your order. Check this place. You won't be disappointed!

Love BR & PL!

This is my favorite BR cream.Goes on light and has made a big difference with my acne prone skin. Keeps me clear and hydrated with no heavy feel. Service and shipping by Paul Labrecque is top notch. Package arrived quickly and with some wonderful free samples. Five stars and 2 thumbs up!