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Biologique Recherche

Serum Oligo-Protéines Marines

Quintessential Serum

Energizing and Revitalizing Serum

Biologique Recherche Serum Oligo-Protéines Marines is an energizing and brightening quintessential bio-marine face serum that helps stimulate, revitalize and enhance the natural protection of the epidermis. This revitalizing serum is recommended to unify dull and devitalized skin for a more even tone complexion. Ideal for asphyxiated smoker's skin. Especially effective for the eye contour area to brighten and minimize dark circles.

Active ingredients include: natural trace elements grafted onto marine algae peptides.

Directions for use: This serum is applied during 1 to 2 month treatment phases. Can be repeated if necessary. Apply 2-3 drops after cleansing, toning and masking. Layer, mix or "cocktail" up to 3 other quintessential serums. Follow with your favorite Targeted , Finishing Serums and face cream.

Customer Reviews

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Maria P.
Love this one!

This is one of my favorite BR water serums! I mix it with my truth treatments vitamin C serum and instantly brightening miracle! Love this one!

Melinda T.
Brightens the eyes

I am 39 years old with normal/dry skin and fine lines. I brought the 0.3 oz vial and have been using it for over a week both in the morning and evening after I cleanse. In the evening, I use it after cleansing and toning with the P50W and P50 PIGM 400. I like the packaging. After opening the vial, you snap a plastic dropper-like device on top which distributes small drops effectively. I put six drops in my palm and pat the serum onto my face with both hands. It sinks into the skin very well. I smoked for years in the past (since have quit) and was wondering if this product would help my skin barrier as advertised. I have been using this serum for over a week, and so far, the skin under my eyes seem brighter which have made my dark circles less pronounced. This serum does not help in terms of hydration. I intend on buying the colostrum serum in the future for that. Also, I don't see any strengthening in my skin barrier besides what was already improved through using the P50W and PIGM 400 (although I admit, this might not be happening on the visible surface level). I intend to finish this serum and buy another vial next year per the 1-2 month treatment phases in the product description. For this intent, I do not foresee needing to buy another vial larger than the 0.3 oz.

Shravya T.

Serum Oligo-Protéines Marines -- Quintessential Serum ** Energizing and Revitalizing Serum

Thank you for your 5 Star review and shopping at Paul Labrecque!

Great for acne scars

Really helps lighten up my scars when pairing with serum Placenta. I have the toughest scars that used to take months to fade but they are gone much faster now.
My routine for acne prone skin (twice/day): VIP O2 wash, P50 1970, serum Iribiol, serum Placenta, serum Oligo, serum Extraits Tissulaire, cream Placenta (day) / cream Dermopurifiante (night), serum Renovateur 14. I also use masque Vivant or Biomagic once a day alternatively after P50. This routine really helps calm my breakout, reduces redness, makes my pimples less painful, and heals my skin very quickly.

Kara M.
Favorite! Biologique Recherche Serum

Currently, I have the ff serums:
3r, MC 110, placenta, oligo-marines, complexe iribiol. Among all these, my favorite is oligo-marines. My current lifestyle doen’t allow me to have full doses of sleep on a regular basis so the area around my eyes are really dark and puffy most of the time. I used this twice a day for about a month now and those areas surrounding my eyes have lightened. The puffiness isn’t as noticeable anymore! I think it’s also good for the whole face for lightening/brightening so I’ll try to use it like that from now on