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Biologique Recherche Serum A-Glyca

Biologique Recherche Serum A-Glyca acts against the phenomenon of glycation.
Protects proteins within the skin’s structure, reduces deep lines and wrinkles and the signs of tiredness on the face. Contributes to skin firmness and brings radiance to the complexion.

Serum A-Glyca can prevent and counteract the glycation reaction with a gain of 2 years of glycation in 2 months of use. This glycation end product will reduce wrinkles and improve the evenness of the complexion. The dermis becomes firmer and the skin becomes more luminous.

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Aways pleased

This is one of my favorite skincare brands and Paul Labrecque Spa consistently has product and ships it quickly. I especially love the samples they include in the order. Great way to try new product! Thanks again for the quick service.

Cant get enough of this

Excellent products

Biologique Recherche Serum A-Glyca

This is the first thing I put on my face after washing and it gives an instant glow. My skin has never looked more youthful. Ordering from Paul Labrecque has been exceptional since there is not a biologique supplier in Oklahoma. Really happy I found this place!

Serum A Glyca

Love all the products I’ve tried from this company

Biologique Recherche Serum A-Glyca

I have only used it for 2 days, but so far I love it. I love that there’s no scent to it and even though it’s a small bottle I only put a little bit on and it seems to go a long way

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1136 reviews
BR lotion P50

BR lotion P50 has been my holy grail product.
It is like a facelift in a bottle-my skin is brighter my pores look smaller and my face feels so smooth. My skin glows-i will never be without this product, love that my order arrives so quickly & with a few samples of BR products.


Why wouldn’t you buy this??

I was recently introduced to this line here in Rancho Santa Fe California; I cannot express how wonderful this entire line is! Plus, Paul Labrecque’s supply, shipping and samples is out of this world! I am addicted! Thank you!!!

Very Good

This small stamp is very good for nose and around eyes.
So convenient for small areas!

I love 💕

This roller is easy to use it very much and is convenient.
I love free gift 🎁