Biologique Recherche Protection UV SPF 25

Biologique Recherche


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Protects skin against UVA, UVB and infrared rays. Moisturizes the epidermis and limits skin dehydration. Prevents photo-aging and the appearance of pigmented spots. Soothes the skin with Triple Shield Complex©: 100% natural filters, non- nanoparticulate. Protects against the entire spectrum of dangerous solar radiation: UVA / UVB and Infrared. Medium protection index (SPF 25): ideal balance between tanning and protection. Photostable and water resistant. A complete sun care product with anti free-radical, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and anti pigmented spot action.

How to Use:
 Apply generously to the entire face, neck and décolleté before sun exposure. If you do not apply enough of the product, the level of sun protection will be considerably reduced. To protect yourself effectively, re-apply frequently (at least every two hours), particularly if perspiring, bathing, after drying with a towel or after prolonged exposure to sun. Avoid contact with eyes.