Meso Infusion Lip Duo Pen -- 4ml
Meso Infusion Lip Duo Pen -- 4ml
Meso Infusion Lip Duo Pen -- 4ml

111 Skin

Meso Infusion Lip Duo Pen

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111Skin Meso Infusion Lip Duo Pen is a multi-action lip treatment that both contours and conditions lips through its innovative complex and easy-to-use dual-ended applicator.

Step 1 – Plumping. Boosts volume and improves definition through use of needle-free enhancers. A revolutionary plumping mask which combines powerful ingredients to provide a desired, youthful pout. A ‘needle-free’ collagen – Neodermyl – acts as a filler to re-densify and help improve the elasticity of the skin, while Volulip improves lip shape by increasing volume for a fuller, rounded effect. Finally, a retinol-like ingredient, X Styenol, strengthens lip skin.

Step 2 – Repairing. Enriches the lips with nourishing agents that lock in moisture and ensure the treatment works from day to night. Formulated to work around the clock.Used directly after the plumping mask, this meso-infused nourishing balm heals the dry, easily-inflamed lip area, while absorbing quickly, leaving no slippery residue. A repairative combination of Hilurlip, Super Sterol Liquid and Bisabolol enriches, soothes, and protects; flakiness is diminished and lips are superbly soft.

Directions for use: Apply STEP 1 sparingly all over the lips, wait a few seconds for it to absorb and follow with STEP 2 to seal it in. Apply in the morning and evening for a long-lasting perfect pout.