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Keratin Smoothing Treatment
From $350
Recondition and reconstruct your hair without compromising your hairs delicate bonds creating smooth, sexy, straight hair. Paul Labrecque’s revolutionary frizz-free treatment uses an enhanced protein rich Keratin formula that softens, smoothes and adds gorgeous shine to your hair while straightening 70 percent of your curls and eliminating frizz. This treatment will dramatically reduce styling time and the need for your morning blow dry. One Keratin hair straightening treatment will last up to two to three months and grows out naturally with no visible root line. Choose from three different strengths depending on your desired look: mild, medium and strong.
Creme Thermal
From $750
This Japanese conditioning treatment is a cream based relaxer which removes curl by relaxing the inner cortex of the hair shaft. This conditioning treatment carefully considers each client’s hair texture and porosity while keeping the hair shaft in optimum health. By regulating the strength of cream we can regulate our straightening to give more or less lift in the root area. This service is for those clients who want very stick straight hair with no wave. Hair will remain smooth and straight even in the most humid conditions. It is not for clients who want a slight bend or wave.
Creme Straight
From $500
An innovative new Keratin hair treatment that softens hair to a smooth wavy texture. The formula is lye free and cream based to gently pull the bend and frizzy cuticle layer straight. Creme Straight is prescription based so it is different for each client depending how curly or frizzy her or his hair is. This system is custom blended to give the perfect amount of protection while delivering a softening to the curl that allows the hair to lay flatter, look longer and removing the excess bulk that too much curl brings to hair.
Pyramid Perm
From $650
In a pyramid perm we stack our perm rods in triangles, using the largest roller on the base of the scalp and going down in size as you stack your pyramid above. This will gently drag the root while making the ends more naturally wavy. This gives a more natural finish that appears more like a roller set than an actual perm. The difference in this perm is that the set and the solution is only left on the hair until we get a soft "s" shape in the hair.