Hair Addition Specialist

Extensions Strand by Strand
price upon consultation
Strand by strand hair addition is a more permanent solution lasting up to 3 months with proper care and maintenance. Add as much volume or length as desired. Each strand of hair is added by heating and rolling a protein bond onto an existing piece of hair. This service is offered for a ¼, ½ or a full head. Partial heads are designed to add volume and achieve a thicker fuller head of hair. Full head extensions are best suited for clients looking to add length to the entire head. Hair is non-recyclable.

Quick In/Out Tape Extensions

price upon consultation
This hair addition option is for clients wishing to recycle and re-use their hair extensions. Packs of hair can be re-used up to 4 times with proper care and maintenance. Add as much volume or length as you desire. Each section of hair is added in place with an invisible surgical tape to sit comfortably and flat on the scalp. The removal process includes cleaning the extensions, replacing the tape and positioning hair back into place. Hair will lose approximately 1 inch in length for each re-application.

Custom Hair Pieces/Wigs
price upon consultation
Our most convenient hair addition option. The perfect solutions for clients who want a fuller or longer look for special occasions. Perfect for clients wishing to remove their hair additions at night or avoid the cost of removal.

We specialize in custom wigs and pieces for clients experiencing hair loss from cancer treatments, alopecia and hair thinning from age. All pieces are 100% human hair, custom matched to your specifications, hair texture and color. Because of the custom nature of this service, consultation is necessary and time is needed for the hair addition to be made.