INOA L'Oreal 
INOA by L'Oreal is a revolutionary, ammonia-free, odorless, permanent hair color service that provides up to 100 percent coverage of white hair. This innovative, new, oil-based delivery color system respects the essential amino acids and lipid balance of natural hair. Experience six weeks of intense hydration, nutrition and 50 percent more shine with a single process application from Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa. We strive for outstanding scalp comfort and maintain respect for your hair. We love the pure, intense, vibrant color.

Single Process
From $125
A one-step process designed to change or enhance your color.

Double Process
From $175
Lifting and toning, depositing and glossing--a two step coloring process. 

Partial Head from 150, Full Head from $250
Bring your hair’s beauty to a new level with this intricate paint on procedure. A professionally trained Balayage artist will paint on various hues of color to strategic locations adding different intensity and dimension of tint.

Color Varnish
From $60 
Glaze and tone your hair to an ultra-shiny finish. Can be added to any color service. From clear to intense hues, your hair will be renewed and rejuvenated. 

Color Fresh
From $150 
A two-step treatment. Single process color plus a clear glaze delivers intensified color and vibrant shine.

Highlights and Lowlights
Partial Head from 150, Full Head from $250 
Add new life, dimension and luster to your hair with custom blended color on select pieces and sections of your hair.

From $250 
The art of placing vertical lines of a lighter pigment beneath a line of darker, natural color. This form of color minimizes a visible root line, adds a second and third even layer of color, and promotes a naturally blended separation of each layer. A wonderful coloring treatment for brunettes and redheads to enhance and highlight more shades of the darker, richer colors.