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Spa Body Treatments

 "Best Natural Spa Treatment - Ginger Coconut Body Melt at Paul Labrecque" - Refinery 29

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Ginger Coconut Body Melt                                                                                              
60 minutes/$185
Lighten, brighten and improve your overall skin tone with this luxurious and relaxing all over body treatment. Experience 60 minutes of bliss and relax with a deep hydration body wrap and full body exfoliation using all organic ingredients rich in anti-oxidants. First an all over full body scrub using a special mix of ginger, brown sugar, lime juice and essential oils is used to eliminate dead skin cells and detoxify impurities. Next drift off in a warm organic coconut milk body wrap. Using a heated blanket the results are intensified to help melt away stress and deeply penetrate into your skin for the ultimate in hydration. Calm your mind and enjoy this comforting full body wrap for 30 minutes with a pressure point lymphatic drainage face massage and hydrating facial mask. The perfect all year round body treatment for the softest skin ever.Read more about it in Lucky Magazine’s: Ginger Coconut Melt: It's A New Exfoliating Treatment, Not A Dessert.
Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap
60 minutes/$135
This treatment starts with a wonderful body polish using 100% natural energizing herbal powder, followed by a detoxifying and re-mineralizing slimming and firming action algae wrap. Natural plant essences of lemongrass, geranium and tonka bean help to reduce water retention, and flush out excess fluids and toxins. Localized drainage massage is added to specifically target stubborn areas of cellulite. Also includes a luxurious scalp massage. Start your contouring cure.
Mineral Salt Body Polish
60 minutes/$135
Exfoliate and nourish your body with tangerine oil and delicate mineral salt crystals. This treatment leaves the skin feeling soft and silky, removing dead skin cells, while intensely hydrating and nourishing the skin with vital minerals and trace elements. The mineral salts are mixed with aromatherapy oils and massaged into skin.  A refreshing Vichy shower completes this unique spa experience and your skin is nourished with a hydrating body product.
Healthy Glow Safe Tan
60 minutes/$140 A signature Paul Labrecque treatment. Achieve a flawless sun-kissed glow without the dangers of the sun. A full-body gentle exfoliation prepares your skin for and even application of a safe self-tanning moisturizing lotion. For appointment wear dark loose fitting clothing.
Miracle Mud Body Wrap
60 minutes/$135
A complete firming and slimming body treatment. Seaweed products rich in calcium and magnesium detoxify the skin and eliminate impurities.
Deep Cleansing Back Therapy
60 minutes/$145
A facial for your back. This treatment deeply cleanses, unclogs pores, exfoliates, refines, and tones your skin on the often neglected and hard to reach areas of the back. A black silt clay body mask lifts impurities to balance skin, treat and prevent breakouts leaving skin incredibly smooth. Relax and enjoy a soothing head, neck and shoulder massage. Includes steam and gentle extraction.
Air Bronze Sunless Tan
30 minutes/$95
A natural looking airbrush self tanning process which safely tans the face and body for a perfect, seamless, sunless, no streak tan. Look bronzed without the harmful and damaging effects of the sun. Tinted moisturizing self-tanning lotion with skin conditioning aloe vera is applied with an airbrush delivery system. Tan fades naturally overtime. Our special tanning solution is formulated with beet and sugar cane extracts. Does not contain any toxin chemicals, dyes, alchohol, oils or artificial coloring.
Exfoliation before appointment is recommended for optimum results. Wear dark loose fitting clothing to all tanning sessions. Refrain from showering or exercise 8- 10 hours after appointment.
Air Bronze with Exfoliation
60 minutes/$140
Ensure your tan retains its natural looking color for longer with a full body exfoliation and scrub treatment. This luxurious scrub and moisturizing treatment will prepare your skin for the optimum application and improve results for a perfect seamless, streak-free, sunless natural looking tan. The luxurious soft peel exfoliation removes excess dirt and dead skin cells for smooth soft to the touch skin. Proper exfoliation prior to your application will improve results with your tan lasting up to 7-10 days and fading naturally over time.
45 minutes/$110- Series of 10 $1029.60 ($1144 value)-Series of 20 $2059.20 ($2288 value)
Endermologie is a non surgical, non invasive treatment that smooths and reduces the appearance of cellulite. It involves the use of a motorized device with two rollers and a controlled suction that creates a symmetrical skin fold. The skin gently folds and unfolds under the continuous action of the rollers allowing for smooth and regulated deep tissue mobilization. This treatment gives best results when done in a series.