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Biologique Recherche

Lotion P50 1970

Original Formula with Phenol

Normal to Oily Skin

As seen in the New York Times and Huffington Post
As seen in New York Magazine "Jesus in a Bottle"

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 1970 is the original P50 cult favorite of skincare professionals and beauty enthusiasts alike. Lotion P50 is a gentle exfoliating toner that also hydrates and balances the pH of the skin.

This specific version of P50 is good for normal and oily skin types, giving you a handful of benefits. Balanced pH is good for your skin because it calms the acidity that prevents the epidermis from retaining moisture naturally. Lotion P50 neutralizes the acidity through exfoliation. It also purifies skin, regulates excess sebum secretion, tones, and moisturizes. You’ll notice brighter, clearer, and cleaner skin! 

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 1970


Directions for Use: Use twice daily (morning and evening), and only 1-2 times per week around the eye area.

During the first week of use, saturate a moistened cotton pad with Lotion P50, and apply starting with the décolleté and working upward over the entire face. Pat the skin; do not rub. A slight tingle is normal until your skin is accustomed to the lotion.

After the first week, saturate a dry cotton pad with Lotion P50 and lather it the same way.

Let Lotion P50 soak in entirely before using your next product.

Active Ingredients:  Lotion P50 1970 is cold formulated and enriched with vitamins and highly active botanical ingredients for long-lasting results. 

water - main solvent • glycerin - moisturizes • phenol - preserves skin tissue • niacinamide - cell-communicating, brightens, anti-acne, moisturizes • vinegar - adjusts pH • magnesium chloride - controls viscosity • lactic acid - exfoliates, moisturizes, buffers • arctium lappa root extract - antioxidant, soothes • salicylic acid - exfoliates, anti-acne, soothes, preservative • sodium benzoate - preservative • sulfur - anti-acne, antimicrobial 

Customer Reviews

Based on 410 reviews
Sue T.
Lotion P50 Five Star Review

Lotion P50 1970 -- Original Formula with Phenol ** Normal to Oily Skin

Alexis T.
P50 1970

Smells awful but loving my skin. After just a week using AM and PM my skin is more even. And it just feels better.

Great for PIH

A different product destroyed my skin and left me with horrible texture, breakouts and PIH.
Within a few days my skin became smooth, acne resolved and the PIH is fading faster than it ever has. A truly wonderful product. I’ve sent it to my sister to try. Everyone should try it. The smell is not bad at all.

Barbara S.G.
Biologique Recherche 5 Stars!

One of my all time favorite products.
Love the frangrance.

Michelle H.
Lotion P50 1970 original

I’ve been using this product for a year now and I love it! At first I wasn’t sure so I temporarily stopped using it but quickly started back up. I’m a 52 yr old women that enjoys good skincare products and I will not go without this product again😊