Serum Collagene Originel

Type O Collagen - The Mother Of All Collagen

Now available from the labs of Biologique Recherche. The Serum Collagene Originel is an unprecedented development in the field of cosmetics. Formulated with Type-0 Collagen, Biologique Recherche's revolutionary patented 3D formula that defies the laws of nature.
There are 28 types of collagen whose combined actions help re-densify the skin and combat the effects of time. Biologique Recherche has discovered the historical strain of all collagen types: Type-0 Collagen that helps promote renewal of the skin's collagen fibers. Its purity gives it an affinity with each of the different types of collagen. 
Biologique Recherche’s research & development team has found the purest form of collagen in a primitive planktonic organism that hasn’t evolved in over 600 million years. It is the historical strain of all collagen types – the original base in its raw state- “the mother of all collagen” 
Biologique Recherche developed the new Serum Collagene Originel to specifically target the four main types of collagen using Type-0 Collagen, silene extract, green microalgae extract, and soy glycopeptides. Each of these active ingredients takes a specific action on each targeted collagen, enabling the Collagene Originel quintessential serum to re-densify the skin in three dimensions. 
What are the benefits of the Serum Collagene Originel?
Stimulates collagen at the gene and protein levels
Boosts collagen I, III, IV and VII
Re-densifies the skin in three dimensions
Reinvigorates and rejuvenates the dermal-epidermal junction
Reduces wrinkle length
Limits the appearance of new wrinkles
How does the new Serum Collagene Originel work?
The Dermal-epidermal cohesion platform and Type-0 Collagen (targets type VII collagen)- Reinforces the anchoring of cells to the basal lamina and restarts the dermis/epidermis interactions that decrease with age. Leaves skin restructured and firm. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles. 
Silene Extract (targets type IV collagen) - Counteracts the effects of chronological and biological aging and promotes the expression of proteins that make up the dermal-epidermal junction. Leaves skin tighter and wrinkles (nasolabial folds) are reduced. 
The Re-densifying platform and  (targets type III collagen)- Rich in proteins and essential nutrients, this extract restores skin tone, firmness, and density by restoring the proper cohesion between the epidermis and dermis. 
 (targets type I collagen)- Boosts the synthesis of collagen I to strengthen skin structure and density. 
What are some of the key ingredients of the Serum Collagene Originel?
Type-0 Collagen, Silene Extract, Green Microalgae Extract and Soybean Glycopeptides. 
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