New Toleskin Intolerant Skincare Biologique Recherche

New Toleskin Intolerant Skincare Biologique Recherche

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Intolerant skin is healthy skin which may enter into crisis conditions subsequent to internal or external stimuli. It is fertile ground for allergy and reacts very intensely to quite common situations. Intolerance is often due to a number of combined factors: impaired skin barrier, unbalanced microbiome and disproportionate inflammatory response.

At the cutting-edge of its skin biology expertise, Biologique Recherche invented the Toleskin collection. A combination of unique “in and out” products, specifically developed for epidermises that no longer tolerate any cosmetic products, more commonly known as intolerant Skin Instants©. The collection features ultra-purified formulas containing no preservatives, manufactured in a sterile environment and tested under dermatological control.

The products act on three complementary areas to: Rebalance the skin microbiota by limiting adhesion of pathogenic bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus in the case of atopic dermatitis. Restore the skin barrier using filaggrin, a protein found in the skin which contributes to the formation of the cell envelope of the Stratum Corneum. Reduce redness and itching

These three innovative new skin care products by Biologique Recherche are manufactured in a sterile environment and are ideally suited for epidermises that need to be soothed and rebuilt (atopic dermatitis, medical-aesthetic treatment, cancer treatment, etc.).

Toleskin [DS] Dietary Supplement was formulated based on lactic ferments, more commonly known as probiotics to promote better digestive balance and greater diversity in the gut microbiota on a daily basis. It tackles inflammation at its source, helps reduce cutaneous inflammation, thus improving the skin’s overall quality.

Toleskin [M] Masque and Sterile Serum is a vital ally in the event of cutaneous over reactions that immediately calms the epidermis before or after a cutaneous crises. A single-use pre-impregnated mask, immediately calms skin discomfort caused by skin flare-ups. After using the skin feels comfortable and soothed, it is stronger and ready to protect itself against any further everyday external stress.

Toleskin [C], unique skin care cream, reduces the skin’s sensitivity and contributes to restoring the skin barrier. This cream is extremely soothing, reduces itching and discomfort. After use the skin becomes more tolerant and is soothed. The skin’s texture is less rough and redness is reduced, leaving the epidermis feeling comfortable.

Cutaneous skin sensitivity or intolerance is linked to how our skin reacts to an internal or external stress factor. The intensity of the inflammatory response to the stimulator determines whether the person has sensitive or intolerant skin. Intolerant skin has a healthy epidermis which may enter crisis conditions subsequent to internal or external stimuli. It can be the result of several phenomena: mainly hereditary for atopic dermatitis, external factors such as pollution, cosmetic surgery procedures or aggressive medical treatments such as chemotherapy.

These Skin Instants© are characterized by unbalanced cutaneous microbiota, an impaired skin barrier and an excessive immune reaction triggering inflammation. The skin overreacts, causing extreme redness and intense itching. Many people in this situation struggle to find products that do not cause their skin to react, as even products marketed for sensitive skin are too aggressive. The new Biologique Recherche Toleskin Collection addresses each of these issues for stronger, healthy looking balanced skin.

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