My Beauty DNA by Biologique Recherche Skincare

My Beauty DNA by Biologique Recherche Skincare

In a permanent quest for innovation and hyper-customization, we are thrilled to announce Paul Labrecque Skincare Spa @paullabrecquesalon New York and Palm Beach is an officially certified Biologique Recherche My Beauty DNA Destination Spa.

Introducing the "My Beauty DNA" program. Follow Your Skin Instant with the science of DNA to provide you with a deeper knowledge of your skin’s genetic makeup to treat specific skin issues and fight off the signs of anti-aging. This innovative new skin diagnostic program works in harmony with the Skin Instant© Lab and Visiolab© technologies. A true merging of customized skincare products, facial treatments, in spa technology and the science of DNA.

Similar in concept to the 23andme and the "My Beauty DNA" kit analyzes 600,000 genetic variations within your genome in order to determine your genetic skin predispositions. From this we are able to take your skincare routine to a new level and customize the best in spa treatments and at home skincare products for your Skin Instant.

This DNA Analysis takes a deeper look into 14 skin characteristics that are studied and grouped into 4 major categories: aging, sensitivity to the sun, sensitivity to the environment and your overall skin profile. Each of these characteristics is associated with a level of predisposition, graded into three degrees: minor, moderate or significant.

Identifying and understanding the factors that influence the quality of your skin is an essential step in creating a highly personalized skin care routine with the most effective results. This along with the Skin Instant Lab Analysis and the hyper-customized collection of #biologiquerecherche skincare products provides you with all the tools and information needed to achieve your best skin ever.

Now available to purchase in New York and Palm Beach #paullabrecquesalon. Click link in bio to schedule your “My Beauty DNA” Consultation or for more information call 212-988-7816

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