Multi-Masking With Biologique Recherche Custom Masque Collection

Multi-Masking With Biologique Recherche Custom Masque Collection

Masking is one of the best ways one can take care of their skin, improve overall skin health and elevate your at home skincare routine. The custom masque collection from Biologique Recherche is formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients to balance and purify the epidermis and preserve all the benefits from the cleansing and toning treatment stage. Each contain essential fatty acids to replenish the skin’s proteo-lipidic film after exfoliating with Lotion P50 and to prepare the skin for the application of Biologique Recherche Facial Serums and Face Creams. Unlike most skincare brands the Biologique Recherche masques are applied in the middle of your at home skincare routine and not at the end. This is done deliberately to avoid removing the active ingredients and their benefits. 

The Biologique Recherche Custom Masque Collection is formulated to target a variety of skin issues and conditions. A common practice is the concept of “multi-masking” where you can mix, match and layer combinations of each masque to target specific issues or problem. This is an excellent method to customize your skincare routine to effectively address all your skin concerns. However, it does matters which mask one uses and how they are applied. BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE MASQUES are customized to match different skin needs.  

While selecting a specific mask to use can be challenging, you can be sure that whatever you decide, Biologique Recherche masks contain quality highly active ingredients and will not disappoint. Remember these masques are meant to be included in your daily at home skincare routine as a consistent part of your routine. Understanding which masks are best suited for your individual needs will help you achieve your best skin ever. Below are different masks that address many different skin concerns. Many of them can be used together for a more targeted skincare approach and mixed with lotions and serums to enhance results. Learn what can work for your skin type and how to best include an effective “multi-masking” combination into your daily routine. 

Masque Vivant

Masque Vivant 

Masque Vivant is a purifying and rebalancing mask. This is the mask you need to use if you aim to get clean, bright skin. It works to enhance the regulation of sebum production. It also deep cleanses your pores and helps revive/ brighten dull-looking skin. It is the perfect mask for people with acne-prone skin since it helps clear the blemishes and control acne occurrence by regulating sebum production in the first place.  

One of the reasons vivant works is that it contains yeast and lactic acid as active ingredients. This is why it can reveal smoother, clearer, and brighter skin with consistent use. However, it would be best to be consistent and regular with the mask use. Experts advise using Masque Vivant not less than two times every week to attain excellent results. The mask contains ingredients that will ensure your skin never ages, so you will always look fresh and youthful. 

The mask contains living yeast extracts with a tonne of amino acids and the well-known beneficial vitamin B. Consequently, it becomes one of the best products to purify the skin and keep it looking bright and revitalized. It remains one of the most potent masks one can find on the cosmetic market today.  

Thanks to yeast extract's main component, it has endless benefits, starting with serving as a daily facelift. Yeast is known to have sufficient amounts of B vitamins which explains the brightening, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory properties. Besides that, it also has clays, namely kaolin and bentonite, that assist in the process of absorbing oil and drawing out dirt from the skin's pores. Additionally, it has lactic acid and vinegar, which act as gentle exfoliants.  

To use the mask: 

  • Start by mixing in some small amount of baking soda as a way of activating the yeast, especially if you struggle with recurring and problematic acne or are dealing with a case of excessively oily skin. The mask will create a matte look and contribute to dissolving blackheads and pulling out extra impurities such as oils, thus starting the deep cleansing process.  
  • Mix in your Complexe Iribiol as a way of boosting the mask's ability to clear acne much faster. 
  • To this, mix extra hydrating masks such as the VIPO2 and the Visolastine+. This can be added if you have dry skin. 
  • If you have combination skin, spot treatment is needed for the oily regions, and proceed to apply Mask Vivant alone. You can also combine it with different masks if you prefer.  
  • It is essential for those pursuing the 14-day Vivant challenge to use baking soda since you will be masking daily. 
  • It would be best to spray L'Eauxygenante as a way of keeping the Vivant active as well as adequately hydrated. Beware of the potential skin purge as this is an expected process.  

Multi-Masking Tip:  

  1. Mix Masque Vivant with Masque Visolastine + for an extra boost of hydration 
  1. Apply Masque Vivant all over your face except for the eye contour area. Apply Masque VIP O2 under and around the eye contour area for an extra boost of brightening and to reduce puffiness and dark circles 

Biologique Recherche Masque VIP O2

Masque VIP O2 

Masque VIP O2 serves as an excellent anti-pollution oxygenating and brightening mask. 

It is one of the best masks to use when fighting against the effects of pollution in urban environments. This treatment mask aims to soothe, detoxify, hydrate, even out skin tone, and brighten one’s complexion. This is the ideal masking solution for people with dull, stressed and devitalized skin living in polluted areas or constantly traveling. 

If your skin is irritated, traumatized, or stressed from different skin issues such as sunburns, or if you have acne/ oily prone skin that requires hydration, the Masque VIP O2 is your go-to mask. It is also a fantastic choice for people seeking a solution for the eye contour area since it helps eliminate dark circles by brightening the skin there. To benefit from it: 

  • Apply a thin layer of the mask on your cleansed skin whenever you fly to help maintain hydration and oxygenate skin during flight 
  • You can also use as an overnight masque to soothe skin after time at the beach or being exposed to the sun for too long. This product is excellent if you manage or deal with post-acne-pigmentation as it helps fade out the dark spots. 

Multi-Masking Tip: 

  1. Apply the Masque VIP O2 
  2. Apply the Masque PIGM 400 sheet masque over the Masque VIP O2 
  3. Use the Biologique Recherche Cryo-sticks for a soothing massage and to intensive the results 



      Masque Visolastine has both moisturizing and hydrating mask properties. It is known to intensely hydrate and restore lipids, thus preventing wrinkle formation and restoring the skin's elasticity. It is perfect for skin types lacking lipids or those that require some form of hydration.  

      This masque is perfect for mature skin that is likely to be dry and wrinkled or has numerous fine lines. It is also the best choice for skin showing signs of dehydration as it provides immediate relief by restoring lipids. It is an excellent choice to use for your eyes if you want a product that smooths fine lines and hydrates your eyes.  

      An excellent overnight hydrating masque treatment especially when traveling and skin is more susceptible to dehydration. Apply a thin layer of the mask mixed with your favourite serum such as Serum Colostrum VG or Serum Amniotique an wear overnight. Remove in the morning before continuing with your morning skincare routine. 



      Masque Biosensible is both hydrating, soothing and reducing redness. It is excellent for people who need extra hydration but have sensitive or reactive skin. It reinforces your skin's barrier and soothes and eliminates redness, while oxygenating and detoxifying the skin.  

      It is also an excellent choice and remedy for dehydrated skin that experiences flare-ups, irritation or redness. Refrigerate before using for enhanced cooling capabilities. Many men use it after shaving or mix it with aftershave cream to protect skin from any razor burn or irritation. Excellent to use around the eye contour area with cryo-sticks to increase circulation, soothe, reduce swelling, puffiness and dark circles. 



      Masque Biofixine is an anti-aging mask targeted to smooth, tone and lift your skin. Many consider it equivalent to a Botox treatment. It instantly smoothens, plumps, and softens wrinkles, creases and fine lines. This mask oxygenates, firms, and brightens skin tone with improved elasticity for tighter skin. 

      A genuine ally against wrinkles, Biologique Recherche Masque Biofixine acts on reducing the depth and length of wrinkles and expression lines. The main ingredient of Myorelax Peptide is known for its relaxing effect on muscle micro-tension, helps correct expression lines on the face. Its regenerating and antioxidant active ingredients form a protective film and help maintain the skin barrier's integrity to act on dehydration lines. Wrinkles are visibly plumped up, skin is smoother, facial features are tightened. Recommended for Skin Instants© showing the first signs of wrinkles. 

      This mask is best suited for mature skin looking to firm, tone and address wrinkles. It is an excellent pick for anyone visibly experiencing aging signs or those whose skin is sagging. Excellent to apply around the neck, chest and decollete to achieve a more uniform and tightened look.  

      A great skincare tip is to use both your Lotion P50 and the MC 110 lotion before applying the mask application. These lotions will prepare the skin for enhanced exfoliation and toning to intensify the masks performance in addressing fine lines and texture and help to plump your skin. 





      Creme Masque Vernix is often referred to as the glowing jar solution. This is because of its powerful abilities. It is a reconditioning creme mask with numerous essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and proteins. The creme mask offers intense hydration and works on reconditioning, restoring, and strengthening the skin's barrier of protection.

      It works in different ways, with the first being smoothing wrinkles and fine lines while at the same time possessing immense healing/ repairing effects. This mask is excellent for skin cases that pass for stressed, dry, reactive, dehydrated, or those that suffer from constant skin inflammation such as stubborn acne, dermatitis, and eczema. The good thing is that this product works as cream and a mask simultaneously. It is helpful during the harsh winter weather since it provides a barrier or covering that protects the skin. You only need a thin/ small layer when applying during the day and at night, whenever you choose to use it as a cream.

      If you want to use it as a mask, the applied layer will be thicker since you have to leave it on for a minimum of 20 minutes before removing. Like most other masks in this range, you can customize it by adding your favourite serum.

      When using it overnight to mask your face, consider boosting the treatment by adding a night cream or a different mask, like the Masque VIP O2, which will introduce an element of brightness, or add the Biomagic Masque to achieve a mini facelift over the night. This mask is excellent to use after any intense skin treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, injectables, post-surgery and allergic reactions. 



      Biomagic masque is popular since it helps with skin energization and purification. This clay mask deep cleanses, mattifies, tightens pores, and firms and lifts the skin. It is an excellent choice for skin that is generally congested, acne-prone, oily, or mature skin that has little to no elasticity. You can leave the mask on your stubborn breakouts overnight, which helps to flatten them.

      The bio magic mask is an excellent pick for combination skin, mainly when used on the t-zone to help balance and control sebum production. You can also use this as a weekly overnight mask for a firming/ lifting treatment. You can also mix it with Masque Visolastine + for extra hydration or the famous Masque VIPO2 to oxygenate and brighten skin. 



      Masque Bain De Plantes is another mask that perfectly regulates and purifies the skin and can be used on the face, scalp and body. It helps eliminate excess sebum while preventing scalp and epidermal irritation or dehydration. You can apply the mask to purify or control high secretions of sebum in different parts of the body. After applying, leave it on the skin for 15 minutes before using tepid water to rinse it out.

      An excellent mult-masking combination is the Masque Bain de Plantes mixed with Masque VIP O2 to enhance brightness and even out skin tone. To this mix you can also add a few drops of Fluide VIP O2 Serum to enhance and help oxygenate your skin tissues. Alternatively, consider mixing this mask with a little bit of the Masque Vivant for a deeper purification, to control excess oil and decongest skin with clogged pores.

      MASQUE PGIM 400

      MASQUE PGIM 400 

      Masque PIGM 400 is the ideal radiance booster in a innovative new sheet mask. Users see impressive results after one use with a brightened and refreshed glow.  

      This hyper-pigmentation sheet mask's formula contains significant levels of highly concentrated active brightening components and valuable antioxidants. When combined with Lyocell, it offers your skin the right kind of support to minimize dark spots and find stubborn pigmentation spots for a more even skin tone and instant glow. 

      This sheet mask is easy to use and will adapt perfectly to everyone's face shape, enhancing its ability to diffuse all the ingredients. This mask is an anti-melanogenesis containing highly active ingredients and packed with high pea extract, red algae, vitamin C, and caviar lime components. All of which work in synergy to boost skin radiance and help attain a unique level for a brightened complexion. In addition this mask also uses a unique, highly absorbent technology that efficiently traps botanical ingredients that are actively present in it for maximum concentration and skin absorption. An added bonus with the mask is you can use the leftover product in the package as a brightening serum after you take off the mask. 

      Mixing your Masks 

      Now that you know which masks to use when tackling specific skin issues, it is important to understand how to mix them properly before use. Below are a few mixing and masking tips that will come in handy: 

      1. Mix the mask with your favourite authentic serum to  boost the masks performance with specific issues such as hydration, firming, or control excess sebum 
      2. Consistent masking will achieve the best results. Daily masking is recommended. 
      3. Make sure to remove the mask with a hygienic material that has been placed in cool water. This will help lock in the achieved hydration and keep pores tight and minimize any inflammation or redness 
      4. After masking, we recommend using the L'Eauxygénante Spray to calm and soothe skin. This will also help bind all your products to your skin to ensure optimum absorption  

          Different Ways of Mixing BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE Masks 

          Mixing BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE Masks

            Most of the Biologique Recherche Masque products are formulated to mix, match and layer with each other or with your favourite Lotion P50 Toner or Serum to target your specific skin issues. Below are some ways you could combine the masks and other products to achieve your best skin ever. 

            MASQUE VIVANT + LOTION P50 

            Enhance exfoliation and purificationby mixing about three drops of your Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 with the mask. Doing this ensures you get a powerful mask with an extra boost of toning and exfoliation. One of the most popular mixes would be the Lotion P50 1970 + Masque Vivant, however you should choose the Lotion P50 formulation that is best suited for your skin type. 


            This mixture is excellent for stubborn blackheads and congested skin. This mixture will activate the yeast ingredient in the masque for a more intensive deep-down purification. Just add about a pinch of bicarbonate (baking soda) from your pantry and gently mix it in with the mask before applying. This mixture will make your mask foam or produce bubbles, making it more effective for targeting blackheads and unclogging pores.  


            Target specific areas of your face to address different skin conditions. This “multi-masking” combination uses two different masks on different areas of the face. We recommend applying the Masque Vivant to areas of your face with higher sebum production or those areas with active breakouts or pimples. Primarily target the t-zone, chin area, the forehead, and the nose.  

            Next, you can apply the Masque VIP O2 to target the areas around the eye contour area, dry cheeks, eyelids, neck area, and décolleté. The Masque VIP O2 will help to brighten and oxygenate the eyes for a more refreshed look while toning the neck and décolleté. Each masque is used for what they were intended for with no waste. The skin gets exactly what it needs where it needs it most. 


            This is another example of “multi-masking” but instead we recommend mixing the two masques together and applying as one. Simply mix 50/50 of the mentioned masks to get a deeper cleansing and toning effect. The result will be gentler and is perfect for susceptible skin reactive complexions. Consider doing this daily for a week as a remedy for fixing your combination skin issues. When done right, you will attain excellent results.  


            Adding serums to your masks also helps to boost the effectiveness of each masque. You can customize your “serum cocktail” to target your specific skin issues by simply adding 3-4 drops to your masque before application. You can add up to 3 different serums to address multiple concerns. 

            Some of the serums you could choose to add include Serum Amniotique, Extraits Tissulaires, or  Colostrum VG, as they have incredible moisturizing properties. The Serum Elastine will smooth fine lines and wrinkles and the Serum Oligo-Proteines Marines will brighten dull skin and give your skin a much-needed energy boost. Excellent for brightening the eye contour area.  

            Different serums will also help you attain diverse goals, including the Serum ISO Placenta, to help repair post acne scarring and even out skin tone and texture. The Serum VG-Tensil will provide an added boost of lifting, firming and improve elasticity. Serum Complexe Iribiol will create an extra effective solution to help fight stubborn pimples, clear and control acne by regulating sebum secretion. 

            Whatever serum cocktail you choose to add to your mask depends on your specific skin needs. You can try different serum plus mask combinations at various stages of your skin's healing journey and stick with one that works best for your skin. The good news is that all these formulations and combinations are safe and effective for your at home skincare routine. 

            Masque PIGM 400 or Patches Defatigante + Your Favorite Masque 

            The Masque PIGM 400 sheet masque or the Patchs Defatigants for eyes are excellent to use along with one of the other Biologique Recherche Masques and the cryo-sticks. Applying the mask under the sheet mask helps intensify the results you are looking to achieve while providing an excellent surface to use your cryo-sticks for a soothing face/eye massage. Combine with Masque Visolastine + for hydration, Masque VIP O2 for brightening, Masque Biofixine for firming, or Masque Bain de Plantes to control excess oil. 

            Final Thoughts 

            Choosing the correct mask for your skin type is essential. However, it is even more important to choose reliable products like the customized Biologique Recherche masque collection. This French Skincare Brand has dedicated itself to developing world-class skincare products including lotions, face creams, serums, and masks for more than 40 years. The careful selection of highly active quality ingredients and cold formulations ensures each product is safe to use and delivers performance driven results. Multi-Masking is an effective way to achieve the best results with your at home skincare routine. Learn how to use these masks from an authorized Biologique Recehrche Skincare Spa such as Paul Labrecque in New York City and Palm Beach. Live Virtual or In Spa Consultations are available to help you determine the most effective routine for your skin type and issues. 

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