Introducing Biologique Recherche Lift Buste 3D

Introducing Biologique Recherche Lift Buste 3D

Discover the latest Biologique Recherche body care innovation, Lift Buste 3D,  resculpting and plumping serum for the bust and buttock.

Biologique Recherche Introduces it's newest bodycare innovationg Lift Butse 3D. They have focused all their skincare and body care expertise to design a specific serum perfectly tailored to two body areas, the bust and buttocks, and their common concerns, called Lift Buste 3D. This intensive serum is the ideal solution for preventing sagging, strengthening firmness, and maintaining the curvature of the bust and buttocks. A highly concentrated expert serum formulated with plumping, smoothing, and firming actives, it works in 3 dimensions to restore volume and depth to the bust and buttocks.

Lift Buste 3D features a triple action platform:

1-Plumping Action: It targets adipose tissues to stimulate adipocyte dilation, making the targeted areas more voluminous. The arctic peptide and vectorized hyaluronic acid further complement the plumping action by restoring skin volume while increasing hydration. The skin is reshaped and more resilient. The bust experiences a visible "push-up" effect, while the buttocks are sculpted, enhancing their curvature.

2 - Smoothing Action: Rich in botox-like actives, this formula has a tensing effect, significantly reducing wrinkles and their depth. The décolleté appears smoother, and the skin's microtexture is improved, resulting in visibly smoother skin.

3 - Firming Action: By replacing damaged collagen fibers, this serum prevents and corrects skin sagging and slackening. The bust is strengthened and lifted, while the buttocks become firmer.

Over time, the production of structural proteins, collagen and elastin, which contribute to the firmness and elasticity of the skin, decreases. This results in a loss of firmness and tone in the tissues surrounding the buttocks and bust, which can affect their appearance, both in terms of volume and smoothing of the curvature.

Biologique Recherche Lift Buste 3D firms and plumps the bust and buttocks. Highly concentrated in plumping, firming, and smoothing actives for the chest, decollete and targets the buttocks to help regain a voluptuous, fluid, and sculpted curvature.

The fluid texture of Lift Buste 3D makes it perfect for easy and enjoyable daily application, thanks to its quick absorption without leaving any residue or sticky feeling. Results are visible as early as the first month of use: a visible push-up effect, firmer and more toned bust and buttocks, with increased volume. For optimal firmness and curvature results, a two-month treatment is recommended. The Lift Buste 3D has a push-up effect on the chest within 28 days.

Recommended for sagging Skin Instants© with a loss of volume.

Lift Buste 3D has multiple benefits. Regular use will help lift the bust for a push-up effect, shapes and reinforces the support of the bust and buttocks, plumps and restores volume, firms, smooths, and tones, prevents and corrects skin sagging and smooths wrinkles and fine lines on the décolleté.

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