Biologique Recherche New Cleansing Milks - Now In Stock

Biologique Recherche New Cleansing Milks - Now In Stock

Introducing the NEW Biologique Recherche customized cleansing milks for sensitive and seborrheic skin. New improved formulas and textures for better results.

Introducing the NEW collection of Face Cleansers by Biologique RechercheNow in stock and available to Ship Today!

The Biologique Recherche face cleansers  focus on “milk” formulas over all other types of cleansers because the milk base guarantees optimal skin tolerance without drying or irritating the skin. It provides lipids to protect the hydrolipidic film against external stress factors, thereby maintaining the skin’s water balance and preserving its barrier function.

To match the Biologique Recherche methodology and hyper-personalization skincare at every stage we are very excited to introduce the new Face Cleanser Collection by Biologique Recherche. The new formulas evolve the texture and active ingredients to better address the needs of the targeted Skin Instants© to better address sensitive and intolerant Skin Instants© with the Lait Dermo-S and to better address combination and seborrheic Skin Instants© with Lait S.R

What are the new face cleansers from Biologique Recherche?

Lait Dermo-S for senstive reactive skin and the Lait S.R. for combination acne prone skin

When are the new face cleansers from Biologique Recherche available to order?

The New Lait Dermo-S and the Lait S.R. are available to pre-order today and will ship on July 24th, 2023

The current Lait U Cleanser has now become more customized with two distinct formulas Lait Dermo-S and Lait S.R.

As we move toward greater personalization Biologique Recherche wanted to create specific milks for specific Skin Instants. Rather than continue with Lait U, which is not adapted to a specific Skin Instant, we decided to create two new formulas with specific textures and active ingredients that are adapted to the specific needs of your skin.

Lait Dermo-S is formulated for fragile sensitive skin and features a high-tolerance formula that cleanses skin and removes make-up without causing irritation or redness. It gently removes impurities to protect the primary functions of the most vulnerable epidermises. Its soothing action limits the skin’s reactions to external stress factors and relieves the sensations of discomfort caused by cleansing. Skin feels comforted, clean and moisturized with a light soft milky texture.

If you have sensitive skin and was previously using Lait U, you would transition to using the Lait Dermo-S.

Lait S.R. is a purifying cleanser that removes impurities and excess sebum from the skin’s surface. It gently cleanses and removes make-up to protect the hydrolipidic film and keep skin balanced, which seborrheic acne prone skin needs to function effectively. Lait S.R. removes impurities, unclogs and tightens pores, and balances and mattifies skin. Ideal for combination, acne prone or seborrheic skin. Features a fresh, light gel cream texture.

If you have combination or seborrheic skin and was previously using Lait U, you would transition to using Lait S.R.

Where can I buy the Biologique Recherche new Face Cleansers?

You can purchase all of the new face cleanser at, The Orignal Biologique Recherche Skincare Spa. All orders receive fast free shipping and free generous samples.

Where can I get more information, advice, tips and product recommendations on the Biologique Recherche Skincare Collection?

Paul Labrecque Salon & Skincare Spa offers personalized one on one skincare consultations. We offer In Spa Treatments in New York City and Palm Beach, Florida. In addition, we do offer Live Virtual Skincare Consultations via Zoom or Facetime. 

Click here to schedule a Virtual Skincare Consultation or call 212-988-7816

Where can I purchase Biologique Recherche Lotion P50?
You can purchase Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 at 

We offer Fast Free Shipping plus Free Generous Samples with ALL Orders. Order by 3pm for Same Day Ship.

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