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Biologique Recherche Lotion P 50 PIGM 400 - New Formula !

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It is finally here. Biologique Recherche is launching a new generation of Lotion P50. The new Lotion P50 PIGM 400 formula has highly active exfoliating properties and reinforced reconditioning that gently works with the natural exfoliation process to create an ideal environment on the surface of the epidermis. These properties help skin develop in a healthy and balanced way. Because of its exfoliating properties and low pH, Lotion P 50 is ideal for reconditioning the epidermis. Lotion P50 PIGM 400 thereby couples the benefits of Lotion P 50 while acting on pigmentation marks and lightening the skin. The result is skin is brightened with a more even skin tone.

Each day, the skin is subject to many external attacks like the sun, pollution, stress, etc. The complexion becomes dull and irregular presenting pigmentation marks and cutaneous imperfections. The face can look more tired and older than it really is.

Controlling the pigmentation process, stimulating exfoliation and cellular renewal helps fight against these manifestations. Exfoliation is a natural phenomenon during which the epidermis rids itself of its dead cells; however, with age, the natural skin renewal process slows down. The natural balance of the skin is altered; dead cells tend to build up in the outer layers of the epidermis and skin renewal takes longer. The result is the skin thickens, the complexion is duller and uneven.

It should be noted that, during youth, the skin renewal cycle lasts 20 to 28 days; with age, it tends to slow down and takes more than 30 days. Boosting exfoliation is a technique commonly practiced in dermatology and cosmetics and involves removing the outer layers of the epidermis. This method is often used in cases of pigmentary disorders: ephelides, lentigines, melasma, postinflammatory pigmentation, liver spots or in the case of surface unevenness: light roughness, actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratosis. Exfoliation has an action uniquely on the epidermis. The aim is to promote skin re-surfacing by removing dead cells and stimulating cellular renewal. The appearance of pigmentation marks under the influence of many factors can be due to hyper-secretion and poor melanin distribution, in addition to an accumulation of lipofuscin in the upper layers of the epidermis Pigmentation disorders, referred to as hyper-pigmentation, or more commonly known as pigmentation marks, are caused by excess melanin in the skin. Hyper-pigmentation can be caused by a number of factors

Sun exposure:
The natural phenomenon of hyperpigmentation is mainly caused by sun exposure (63% of brown spots are due to the sun).

The aging process:
Intrinsic cutaneous aging is combined with atony, skin dryness and pigmentary disorders. Melanin density increases and becomes irregular; this is why pigmentation marks appear. The main pigmentary disorder is liver spots, also called “aging spots”, which appear towards age fifty.

Genetic predispositions:
Some people are genetically predisposed to pigmentation marks, such as certain ethnic groups whose skin is more yellow, more olive or darker

Hormonal imbalances:
Some hormonal variations can cause a disruption in melanin synthesis. Therefore, hyperpigmented areas can appear during pregnancy, menopause or with endocrine diseases.

Reactions after taking medication:
In some people, certain medicines or antibiotics (such as tetracycline) can cause the appearance of pigmentation marks. This can also occur after chemotherapy or radiation therapy treatments. Generally, spots resulting from these treatments disappear within six months.

Cell hypertoxicity:
For example, topical application of a synthetic perfume followed by sun exposure makes cells hypertoxic and can cause spots to appear. The same effect occurs after using certain essential oil.

The new Biologique Recehrche Lotion P50 PIGM 400 can help address many of these issues. Paul Labrecque is an authorized Biologique Recherche Skincare Spa with more than 20 plus years of experience. Call 212-988-7816, email or schedule an appointment for your complimentary one-on -one skincare consultation.

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