At Home Healthy Hair and Scalp Treatments

At Home Healthy Hair and Scalp Treatments

Have you suddenly found yourself at home more than usual? Possibly missing a nice hair treatment and self-care time?

Now’s the time to treat yourself to this scalp facial from the comfort of your home. With the right spa-level products readily available online, you can introduce a scalp facial to your bi-weekly (or monthly) routine for bouncier hair with a gorgeous shine.

The scalp facial is everything you love about a traditional facial, but specifically focused on exfoliating the skin on your scalp. The healthiest hair relies on the follicles growing with a clear, clean path. This means removing dandruff or dead skin, reducing inflammation, and ensuring that left-over products or sebum aren’t weighing down the hair follicles.

Notably, there are other skin conditions, such as psoriasis or eczema, that should be treated by a professional instead of with an at-home treatment.

So, give yourself a night every other week to soak in some pre-treatment (or an extra 15-30 minutes before the scalp facial if you want to do it all in one go). Follow that with some time in the morning to enjoy the full scalp facial treatment and a shower. Lastly, you’ll want to let your gorgeous locks air dry after treatment -- we don’t recommend heat products right after this one!

Let’s get to the treatment to give your scalp some spa-like love!


Step 1: Pretreatment and a Scalp Massage

Take a minute to consider the current state of your scalp and hair. Solving for itchy skin or an oily feeling will require different pretreatments. It also requires different products for everyone to get the right results.

Lotion P50 Capillaire

Lotion P50 Capillaire helps balance pH, regulate sebum secretion and lightly exfoliate the scalp. A multi-purpose lotion, it gently purifies and moisturizes hair and scalp.

In general, you’re looking for a pretreatment to stimulate the skin, enhance circulation, and decongest the scalp. We recommend looking for a scalp mask, oil, or scrub that uses natural ingredients such as citrus-based, peppermint, or tea tree oils.

Once you’ve selected the right pretreatment product for you, follow the directions on that particular product. Most oils and masks work well when left in for a night and rinsed in the morning. Whereas, a scrub will usually be a pretreatment option to include in the full routine.

With your preferred product, give yourself a nice, thorough scalp massage. Put on some relaxing music, set the lighting, and dedicate about three to five minutes for the massage.

Massage thoroughly by starting at the nape of your neck. Use both hands to gently massage in circular motions up to the crown of your head.

Next, massage from the top of your ears to the top of your head (on both sides).

Again, take things slowly and massage all parts of your scalp. The circular motions increase circulation and blood flow, which will increase the effectiveness of the facial itself.

If you are doing the pretreatment and then going to sleep, you may want to give yourself another massage in the morning before moving forward with the treatment so you can wake everything up again!


Step 2: Hop in the Shower to Rinse, Shampoo and Conditioner

Time to hop in the shower for a rinse, wash, and conditioner. Rinse out the pretreatment, and then follow it with a shampoo cleanse. Your typical shampoo will be great, but if you’re looking for our recommendation, look for something that contains salicylic acid to help exfoliate the skin during this scalp facial.

Biologique Recherche Shampoo Traitant VIP 02

Biologique Recherche Shampoo Traitant VIP 02 for weak, dry or damaged hair

Biologique Recherche Shampoo Traitant Sebo-Reequilibrant

Biologique Recherche Shampoo Traitant Sebo-Reequilibrant for oily scalp & hair

Biologique Recherche Shampoo Traitant Dermo-Apaisant

Biologique Recherche Shampoo Traitant Dermo-Apaisant for itchy, flaky scalp and dandruff

Biologique Recherche Baume Capillaire Conditioner for hair repair

Biologique Recherche Masque Bio Capillaire hydrating hair mask

When shampooing during this treatment, focus on getting the shampoo directly onto your scalp instead of through your hair fibers so that more product works with your skin. 

Follow the shampoo with a conditioner treatment. Typically you’ll only apply conditioner to the ends of your hair. In this scalp facial, though, be sure to massage the conditioner into your scalp and roots too. A deep conditioner can act as a mask for your scalp to allow for a more luxurious hydration. Leave the conditioner in for three to five minutes. Might as well finish the rest of your shower routine now!

Rinse out the conditioner and get ready for the next phase.

 You can check out more Biologique Recherche hair products in this collection to find the right one for your needs.

Step 3: Apply a Hair Serum

The third (and final) step for your at-home scalp facial is to apply a hair serum or lotion. Most of the products are going to be good to leave in without rinsing. But be sure to check out the instructions on your exact product choice.

Biologique Recherche Complexe Cegaba Bioproline that helps stimulate circulation and improves hair anchoring to the scalp

A finishing hair serum can be catered toward your personal needs, too, such as hair loss or irritated or oily scalps.

This scalp facial is the bi-weekly lift your hair needs to be out with the old to make way for the new. You should notice a lighter feeling, bouncier volume, and a bright shine!

As always, you can rely on our professionals here at Paul Labrecque to support you with the right products for your needs and even more advice for at-home skincare spa treatments.

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