Women’s Hair Loss Treatments by Paul Labrecque, Featured On Fox 5 Good Day NY

Close your eyes, and think for a moment about hair loss.

Do you picture a man or a woman?

A majority of people expect a man to lose his hair, but women can suffer the same ill fate. The reason, I believe, it is shocking to think about a woman without hair is because it is societally acceptable for a man to walk around bald. Yet, everyone questions and judges as a woman flaunts her naturally thin scalp. The good news is that scientists, salon specialists, and women are starting to recognize that hair growth treatments are possible, viable, and affordable. Paul Labrecque was a guest on Fox 5 to share a few of the different treatments available at Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa.


The Tricks For Women’s Hair Growth


Like the ingredient found in many beers, we add hops to the hair to give it volume and appear thicker.

BioPeptin Complex

Found in the Regenesis hair products, BioPeptin Complex gives hair the nutrients to grow stronger and longer. Do you see in the video how Rica’s little hairs on the top of her head appear to be quite small? They were smaller three months ago! Regenesis builds elasticity.

Viviscal Hair Fibers

This product is used like a rake to comb through the individual hair fibers and help prevent the scalp from showing through the hair. If you want an affordable hair growth product, you want the products in Paul Labrecque’s Viviscal line.

Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa specializes in making women and men feel beautiful and look their best. Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss a personal hair growth treatment.

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