May is Melanoma Awareness Month. Tips To Play It Smart and Safe!

May is "Melanoma Awareness Month". Melanoma is one of the most dangerous skin cancers out there and causes the highest number of deaths of any skin cancer. The safety of your skin during sun exposure is very important as we transition into the summer months. Awareness and education is the first step in protection. Understand the dangers of the suns ultraviolet rays and take precaution to protect your skin at all times with the proper sunscreen. Secondly always examine your skin for abnormalities or spots. Early detection is critical. If you notice anything out of the ordinary see your physician. As a precaution it is always recommended to see a dermatologist once a year.

SPF season is heating up so it is extra important to find the best sun protection for your needs.! Whether you need a bronzing fix or are headed out into the sun's warm rays, Hampton Sun's award-winning line at Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa has you covered!

New York City dermatologist Dr. Lance Brown recently endorsed the Hampton Sun Sunless Tanning Mist. The fabulous, innovative formula delivers a natural-looking, streak-free color that will transform your skincare routine.

 "I highly recommend the Hampton Sun Sunless Tanning Mist. This product offers s safe alternative to the damaging rays of the sun. It provides a natural-appearing sunless tan, with the added benefit of maintaining your skin's moisture without clogging pores.

 As a dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon, Dr Brown counsels patients daily about the dangers that the sun's rays pose. In addition to increasing the risk of skin cancer, cumulative over-exposure to the sun leads to premature aging of the skin. Hampton Sun's Sunless Tanning Mist allows you to safely achieve the look of a tan without harming your skin. "I recommend this product as an alternative to regularly extended sun exposure."

Dr. Lance Brown discovered Hampton Sun years ago as the only sun care line on the market utilizing the revolutionary FDA-approved ingredient Polycrylene, which increases the efficacy and water resistance of sunscreens. Dr. Brown and his family enjoy prolonged water resistance and gentle formulas that make Hampton Sun the most advanced protection under the sun. Hampton Sun offers a spray on mist in Hampton Sun Broad Spectrum 35, 15 and 55 SPF. 

This season get smart and serious about sunbathing! The full collection of Hampton Sun products are available at or visit Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa in New York.

Get your bronze on with Paul Labrecque's Air Bronze Sunless Spray Tan. Voted "New York's Best Fake Tan" by New York Magazine. Achieve your perfect and safe pre-summer glow with this no streak, no sun air bronze tanning treatment. Paul Labrecque uses a unique formula that works with all skin tones creating a customized shade of bronze for each client. The formula at Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa is paraben free, 100% vegan, gluten free and nut allergen free.

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