Every Women"s Must Have Hair Tools for Gorgeous Sexy Hair!

The right hair tools are essential for achieving gorgeous sexy hair. Whether you are looking for curls, waves or stick straight hair selecting the proper tools is important. Make the right choices and you see amazing results. Make the wrong choices and you can end up with dry damaged unruly hair. There is a difference in quality and performance of many of the hair tools available on the market today. These are my top recommendations.

The T 3 Featherweight Blow Dryer is the best on the market and essential tool for every women. The name is the reason you will love this light weight dryer. Light to hold and handle this dryer will save your arm from muscle cramps. The ION technology speeds up drying time, adds volume and promotes improved shine. Amazing dryer and an Allure Best of Beauty Winner!

The fabulous four from GHD Curve Collection... These curling irons were just introduced by GHD last year and have changed the game. The tri-zone heat technology prevents hair from burning and  

The two spring irons differ in barrel size but give you the distinctive classic curl looser at the root tighter at the hair end. The two waving wrap irons will give you two distinctly different wave patterns The rectangular shape is the new Cadillac for beach waves
and the cone version can give you that fabulous forties inspired wave. Both irons come with that little black glove that protects your hand from heat. All you do is wrap and curl.

Are you on a budget??? Need one iron to do it all the GHD, short for good hair day, Classic 1" Flat Iron looks like a flat iron and sure enough if you pull down straight it is.
However a simple twist of the wrist and the iron rotates...Voila you are left with magnificent curls. Hint the smaller the section and the slower you move a tighter curl is formed.

Every girl needs a good hot roller. I call this the morning after... No pretending when bed head just doesn't pass for sexy any longer. Pull out these beauties from T3. No need to wash if your hair is just messy. Simply plug in, wait for the dot to change color and wow they are ready. Big sections 6 to 8 rollers and bed head turns into I'm ready for attention hair. This set is ready for travel with a great travel case and is also an Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner.

All these fabulous tools are my top picks. I use them in salon everyday with amazing results and my customers love them! All available on www.paullabrecque.com with Free Shipping. Choose Uber Rush for same day delivery within NYC. Beautiful hair is just a click away. Or call 212-988-7816 to order today. 

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