New Biologique Recherche Skincare Serum Matriciel Visage

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Biologique Recherche Sérum Matriciel Visage restores the structure and volume of the face, neck and cheekbones.This amazing new intensive serum is formulated with 10 highly active ingredients for skin types lacking structure and tone. 

As we grow older, the elastin and collagen fibers responsible for the skin’s resilience and firmness become scarcer, and this trend significantly accentuates between the ages of 45 and 75. The face becomes wrinkled, starts sagging and loses its volume, particularly around the cheeks and jawline. Due to cutaneous sagging, the face can even become somewhat asymmetric.

With age, the different skin structures are modified, both morphologically and functionally.
This results in the modification of the microrelief network on the surface; the skin fibers no longer cross over each other but follow parallel and vertical patterns. In the epidermis, the slowing down of the cell division process alters the keratinocyte proliferation capacity and the rising of the cells to the surface of the epidermis, ultimately resulting in the thinning of the epidermis. In addition, the reduced cohesion between the dermis and the epidermis affects the communication between these two layers.

In the dermis, because of the deterioration in intercellular communication, certain messenger molecules emitted to boost the production of collagen become less efficient. Simultaneously, the decreasing size and number of fibroblasts leads to the reorganization of the dermal architecture. The skin is less elastic, less firm and less hydrated.

Finally, the hypodermis is affected by the reduced functionality of the adipocytes, responsible for storing fat in the body and maintaining the "structural foundations". The adipose mattress becomes thinner and the face becomes gaunter.

Biologique Recherche's solution:
To respond to the specific problems of distended Skin Instants® lacking structure and tone, Biologique Recherche has developed Sérum Matriciel Visage. Available in a pump bottle for better preservation and more accurate dosage, this targeted serum has been formulated to improve tone and cutaneous tension by reducing the signs of aging.

Sérum Matriciel Visage Triple Action Results
This firming care product combats the effects of gravity and the atrophy of adipose and muscle tissues to re-balance the area of the cheekbones, cheeks and jowls, neck and the oval of the face. It provides immediate and long-lasting results by combining three major actions:
1) It fills the hollow areas of the face thanks to peony root extract, rich in oligosaccharides which help preserve the adipocytes and therefore increase the thickness and density of the dermis.
2) With an immediate surface tightening effect, the cassava glucan biopolymer lifts and
significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles. At the same time, lipopeptide stimulates the synthesis of elastin and restores the 3D configuration of elastic fibers, thereby increasing resistance to deformation induced by gravity.
3) It improves communication between the epidermis and the dermis thanks to Tetrapeptide-11, thereby improving the skin's firmness, elasticity and appearance. Simultaneously, peony extract controls communication between the dermis and the hypo-dermis to limit adverse pro inflammatory exchanges and preserve the functionality of the adipocytes.

Serum Matriciel Visage delivers immediate results
Tightens the features
Firms the epidermis
Enhances the volume of the cheeks
Increases the viscoelasticity of the skin tissue

See the difference with Sérum Matriciel Visage
The facial structure is recreated
The volumes are intensified and hollow areas are filled.
The skin is plumped up

According to an 8-week usage test conducted by an independent testing center among 20 subjects and Facescan performed on 22 volunteers.

Sérum Matriciel Visage Restructuring active ingredients: Glycoprotein from the Antarctic, Rye extract, Knotgrass
flavonoids Filling active ingredient: Peony extract Epidermis/dermis/hypodermis communication active ingredients: Peony extract, Tetrapeptide-11
Anti-gravity active ingredients: Lipopeptide, Tetrapeptide-2, Tightening active ingredients: Cassava extract, Planktonic exopolysaccharide, Hyaluronic acid

Recommended use in the beauty salon and at home:
Take 1ml (press 4 times) of Sérum Matriciel Visage and apply it onto cleansed skin over the entire face, neck and décolleté, in gentle ascending movements until complete absorption. Protect the skin from the sun during use. Avoid the eye contour.
Do not use on children.

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