Lived- In Hair. Showing Comforting Signs of Wear.

Lived in hair is becoming more popular not because of the easy to creating the look but also because it gives the person versatility with the style. No more are the days of waking up 2 hour before work so we can blow dry, Polish, curl or straighten the hair. Today people are enhancing their natural texture or controlling the bed head look just slightly. The lived in look best to describe it is controlled chaos like you just took off your sweater and shook out your hair. There are several ways to create this look with different textures of hair for this blog I will show you how to create one of more popular looks.

Fine - thick straight hair:

We start with wet hair. You apply a volume product at the root and run it through the ends with your fingers I suggest Paul Labrecque Volume Style Root Lift Spray.

You then take your blow dryer and just rough dry your hair. What that means is just use your hands no brushes. And flipping your hair from side to side and upside down shake out all the moisture until your hair is 100% dry. Once you are finished this step choose your part. I personally love deep side parts and flipping from side to side keeping the volume all day.

Once you have your part take a curling iron that is best suited for your length. Longer hair will use 1"- 1.5" shorter will be on the smaller side 3/4" - 1". Once you have your iron best suited for your length keep your iron at a medium temp, somewhere around 350 degrees or less.

Then picking up random sections wrap you hair towards you face then the next section away from your face. This allows the curls to sit on top of one another rather then fall into the same curl pattern. 

Away from the face

Towards the face.

Once you are finished each curl I suggest giving it a little tug to open it up. Then move all around the head until you have curl most of your hair. The. You shake it out flip it around and style.

To finish this look I suggest using L'oreal True Grip Powder and "smoking it" into the hair. This is done by tilting the bottle on its side and gently squeezing until you see the fine dust coming out. You can put it at the roots on the ends. With Thai product I suggest less is more. Build it up slowly it can become a lot very quickly hence its small size. 

This looks timing varies on how long it takes to rough dry your hair but once you start curling, if you even have to, it usually won't take longer then 10 minutes. 

Enjoy your lived in look and keep it Simple. Sexy. Sophisticated. 

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