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Biologique Recherche Lait Vip O2 "Anti-Pollution" Cleansing Milk - Stressed Skin Types (8.4oz)

Biologique Recherche's #1 Bestselling Face Cleanser. Lait Vip O2 "Anti-Pollution" Cleansing Milk is a gentle cleanser that calms, re-balances and soothes skin and is good for all skin types. As a VIP O2 cleanser, it is ideal for stressed or devitalized skin types. The formula prepares skin for oxygenating treatment - VIP O2 - and purifies the epidermis. This skincare product is recommended for sensitive skin, especially devitalized, dull, mature, unbalanced, seborrheic, and urban skin. Active ingredients in this best facial cleanser include mimosa bark extract, cucumber fruit extract, silk extract, lactic acid, Biologique Recherche's exclusive oxygenating complex, yeast extract, and vitamin E.

It gently removes makeup and impurities, brightens and unifies the complexion, calms, re-balances, and hydrates the epidermis. This anti-pollution cleanser with oxygenating properties deep clean and help skin to breathe.


How to use Lait Vip O2 "Anti-Pollution" Cleansing Milk:

Use twice daily (morning and evening) after cleansing your face. Moisten a cotton pad with P50 moisturising toner lotion. Starting with your decollete and moving upwards, gently press the cotton pad over your skin. Cover all areas of the face. Pat do not rub. Allow to dry. Follow with Biologique Recherche custom facial serums and creams. For extra oily or dry skin, repeat.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Awesome cleanser

My fav cleanser, use it every day...lait ev is great too.

Biologique Recherche Lait VIP 02

Really great cleanser without leaving my skin stripped.
I appreciate all the samples that came with the cleanser. Will definitely buy from Paul Labrecque spa again!

Creamy Healthy Cleanser

I moved to Manhattan 4 years ago and significantly saw a difference in my complexion-I knew I needed something needed to change....After a facial I was recommended this product and to even double cleanse with it due to it being so gentle, yet effective.
I have an AM/PM skin ritual every single day and I never have the need to wear anything more than mascara and lipstick.

Per usual-brilliant customer service, shipping, and product availability with PL & the lovely staff!

great cleanser

The lait vip 02 cleanser is a nice creamy cleanser that removes make up well and is perfect to double cleanse with. Highly recommend it! Also, Paul Labrecque is the BEST!! Ships very quickly and gives a nice assortment of free samples. I will re-purchase all of my stuff from them.

Gentle cleanser

Purchased a travel bottle to test it out! I like this cleansing milk but may try a more hydrating one! I feel like I have to do a double cleanse if i wash my face with this even after removing my makeup with a wipe.

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1196 reviews
Amazing results!

I could see the difference in 1 week.

Works for us!!

My daughter has very fine hair and lost a fair amount to poor work in a reputable salon last year . It’s been a year and she’s worked hard to grow her hair in. We have tried all the top detanglers and while some of them have been excellent this is the only one that gives her thin fine hair some oooph!!!
I’ve been using it too and love the texture when I blow dry .

Beautiful product!

Really helps to keep my skin clear and pores clean. Even my esthetician noticed a difference at my last facial. Highly recommend!

Just Okay

I purchased the shampoo, conditioner and pom-made and have been using all three for about 2 months now.
The conditioner is my only let down. I live in the high desert with fine hair and my hair still feels dry after using this conditioner. In the winter my hair needs all the extra nourishment it can get, and my hair is still dry and very static prone using this product. Although it doesn't feel weighted down, it also doesn't feel as moisturized and nourished as one would expect for this brand and price point. I believe this would be best for the summertime and a mask would be better in the winter.