La Mer The Body Refiner (6.7 oz) - Paul Labrecque

La Mer The Body Refiner (6.7 oz)

Free shipping on this item. Infused with over a carat and a half of pure diamond powder, this multi-faceted treatment instantly polishes the skin to reveal a soft new surface. This spa-like treatment is embedded within La Mer's legendary emollients to cushion the skin while protecting its delicate moisture barrier. It works organically, energetically and physically to reveal a soft and healthy, resilient new surface.

Harvested from a natural marine source that dates to prehistoric times, fermented acidic sea mud help detoxify and purify the skin for a bright, healthy appearance. A low pH level makes them particularly gentle, ideal for sensitive skin. As The Body Refiner is massaged into the skin, La Mer's piezoelectric minerals (tourmaline and sea quartz) convert the massage action into energy, helping to stimulate circulation and awaken the skin. A new vitality appears to glow from within. Fortified with 1.75 carats of pure diamond powder, this precious treatment instantly lifts away dull cells, gently re-texturizing the skin. A smooth and supple new surface is revealed.

Rich in hyaluronic acid, known for its ability to hold a thousand times its weight in water, a micro-algae complex attracts and captures moisture as a wave of La Mer's legendary emollients hydrates, cushions and soothes. Skin is soft and refreshed, primed to be lavished with The Body Crème. As The Body Refiner is massaged into the skin, cryo-process wax spheres begin to dissolve, indicating that the spa journey is complete.

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995 reviews
The products are great the service better

I love to order from Paul Labrecque. The service the samples and the follow up is incredible.

Favorite liquid in the world

All BR products are the best skin care line ever produced!!

Online Shopping

Placed an order with PL for environ products. When I received the parcel it had a wrong item. The team could not have been more helpful to help me fix it. The person who assisted me most was also called Paul and had a replacement product sourced within half a hour of me calling them to let them know the error. Great service!

Creme Masque Vernix

With the season change/traveling/stress/pms/switching to a different P50/lack of sleep/exercise/healthy food..., my skin has been all kinds of crazy- dry and dehydrated but also oily and congested and breaking out, so I am really happy that Creme Masque Vernix is back in stock cuz I’ve been waiting all summer to try it especially ever since Drew Barrymore said that it makes your skin so supple! And she’s right! I’ve been applying it for only a few days now but already loving it so much! I haven’t tried it yet as a thick mask (seems too precious to use a lot and then wash it off so soon), but for the past few days I’ve tried masking overnight mixed with Biomagic Mask (only a teeny amount of each- like moisturizer amount), and also mixed with Creme Dermopurifiante as a moisturizer. My skin is feeling much better already- calm, nourished, protected and breakouts diminishing. I love that it is antibacterial and can be mixed in so many different ways. It isn’t sticky like some say if you only use a tiny amount- and really that’s all you need! Would defintely repurchase and keep as a staple - highly recommend! Oh, and the new glass jar packaging is so beautiful too (heavier but still worth it)!

Immediate result

I bought this product hoping it would help by severe Rosacea - and it definitely has! It is very earthy and organic in feel and smell (keep away from your eyes!). Immediately after removing my skin felt calmed, nourished and so much better in appearance. I love this product!!