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Astrology Meets Beauty. Ever Wonder About Your Zodiac Beauty Hair Sign?

Posted on November 03, 2017 by Bold Apps | 0 comments

Ever gazed upon the stars? You must have at one time or another wondering what is in store for us directed by the cosmos. We are all interconnected as we all gaze under the same sky.  Depending on the date of your birth, you were assigned an astrological sign. We all may wonder that since we are born around the same sign, do we share the same traits and styles?

Using the knowledge of the zodiac, as a professional hairstylist; I can share certain hairstyles that you can aspire to specifically for your sign.Each sign has special attributes, other than your own sign, you can try others to tune into their mode of strength and style.

Aries: The Ram
Planet Ruler: Mars

You are dynamic and proud, bold and daring. You possess great strength, Aries; you rule the head, associated with the horns of the ram. You can be most versatile with your hairstyle choices, perhaps adorn your hair in a cascade of barrettes or jewels? Own your strength and beauty with these hairstyles.

Taurus: The Bull
Planet Ruler: Venus

Sweet, charming Taurus, you are earthy and practical. You have an appreciation for beauty and nature, and you can try styles that have this influence. Try flower barrettes or real flowers in your hairstyle; these styles will aspire you to connect to the earth.

Gemini: The Twins
Planet Ruler: Mercury

Light hearted, whimsical, and changeable in the most creative ways. Your sign rules duality and polar opposites. You can rock so many hairstyles, from bobs, pixies, to long and sleek styles. You possess great communication skills, and your personality is often expressed concretely through your sense of style.


Cancer: The Crab
Planet Ruler: Moon

Known to be sweet, nurturing, and possess such empathy for others. Your sign is ruled under the lunar rhythms, so your moods can be changeable. In hairstyles, however, you can resort to classic old world/Hollywood glamour hairstyles; these styles are timeless and sophisticated as you are.


Leo: The Lion
Planet Ruler: Sun

Creative, adventurous, and bold, Leo, you exude the most expression in your choice of hairstyles. You possess much presence, and simply light up the room with your solar energy. Aspire to have hair like a lions mane, this would best describe your personality, and this you would wear proudly.


Virgo: The Virgin
Planet Ruler: Mercury

You are witty, charming and timeless. Often known as the perfectionist of the zodiac; this applies to you in your passions. Styles with intricate detail to sleek perfection may be best suited for your sign.


Libra: The Scales
Planet Ruler: Venus

You possess an air of pleasantry and beauty, in your views of life as well as your appearance. You strive to seek fairness and balance in all facets of your life as well as in your choice of hairstyles. Try styles that are loose and wavy, as well as styles with perfect symmetry.


Scorpio: The Scorpion
Planet Ruler: Pluto

Deep and mysterious, and you are most alluring of all the signs of the zodiac. You have an appreciation of truth and loyalty of others. Enhancing this mystique of yours, you can sport your hair with a fringe or one-eyed hairstyles.


Sagittarius: The Archer
Planet Ruler: Jupiter

Spontaneous, optimistic, and creative; you have a flair for life and a love of exploring the new. You have the boldness of trying anything that reflects your frame of mind. The styles you choose today will change in an instant. For example, you can try long and sleek one day to a tapered style on one side just for the experience. This is how adventurous you can be.


Capricorn: The Goat
Planet Ruler: Saturn

Kind hearted, hardworking, and caring. You approach life with great strides and will stop at nothing to complete your goals. Through your strength and charisma, you can aim for styles that entail a simple, no nonsense approach to keep up with your ambition.


Aquarius: The Water Bearer
Planet Ruler: Uranus

You are inventive, friendly, and a humanitarian at heart. You connect to people from all the walks of life through compassion. You have the eye to see future trends; and you would likely try many hairstyles on a constant basis until you find your perfect style match.


Pisces: The Fishes
Planet Ruler: Neptune

Imaginative, sensitive, and unworldly. Pisces you have the love of harmony, and a desire for others to coexist with one another. Bohemian hairstyles, or styles that resemble the waves of the ocean best reflects your dreamy nature.

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