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Item number: 27450
Price $1,500.00

Monaco Razor Set with Humidor

The HOMMAGE Monaco Groom Center with Humidor combines the Monaco Razor and Monaco Brush and Stand into a single unit and presented in a handmade wooden humidor gift box.
Unique to HOMMAGE Groom Centers, the razor and brush are magnetically attached to the stand, allowing for safer, easier single-handed removal. With its rubber sole plate and perfect weighting, the stand doesn’t tip over when the razor or brush is removed. All Monaco Groom Center com­­ponents are honed to perfection and finished with a durable, high-gloss chrome coating.

Eye Solution: Awaken/Rejuvenate

Hommage Experience Kit

Shave Emollient (120 ml)

The Shave Ritual

Shave Cream: Perform (120ml)

Extended Description:

The Monaco Groom Center with Humidor is presented in a high-quality box of lacquered pear wood with rhodium-plated hinges and magnetic locks. It can be transformed into a fully functional humidor, complete with hygrometer and humidity-controlling element.